We thank all our lovely participants for sharing your amazing talents, celebrating the most important and dependable, central figure in our lives – our Pappa! Heartiest Congratulations to our Top Winners and Special Mentions. Winners are requested to pick up their prizes by connecting with PT Office at editor@parsi-times.com


WINNER: Dedicated to my DAD (Late Rohintan Nariman Patel )

By Jenifer Cyrus Shroff

Our daddy big and strong,
Never let us do anything wrong!
Held our hand for a while until we grew taller,
But our heart he beheld forever!

Passion well tailed – classic British songs he would hum,
Our hip-hop remixes he would shun
Mom said, ‘apple a day keeps the doctor away’,
Dad maintained an ice-cream a day keeps the mood sweet all the way!

Our French ‘emerveillement’ – always had our back,
Even when mom’s advice fell through the generation crack;
All of us his prodigies, of each he was always proud,
A self-assured hug, an assertive smile, even when we were outstood by a crowd.

Grandpa promotion was an electric delight,
Stood tall, watched, heard; got everything an ask they might
Circle of life well cherished,
An empty space left behind never replenished.
A fleeting memory of his lovely smile,
Lights up the moments and makes us agile.


WINNER: By Jenifer Cyrus Shroff


WINNER: My Daddy Is The Best

By Anosh N. Irani (Age: 9)

Daddy, I don’t know from where to start,
I love you from all of my heart.
You are always there for me,
Taking me to the hills and the sea.

You have solutions for all my troubles,
When we have fun, my smile doubles!
You are always there, whether night or day,
You always show me the right path and the way.

Daddy, you are the best –
Better than the rest
You have taught me to dance and sing
You are my Super-King.

At phases you have scolded me,
Taught me how to be.
Not just a human being,
You make a gentleman of me.


Special Mention: MY PERFECT PAPPA!

By Delzeen Aspi Daruwala

People say that mom’s the only need,
But I don’t think they’ve got the right feed,
There’s someone else, who is behind the scenes,
Who clothes and feeds me, helps me accomplish my dreams.
That hero is my dad and I love him so much,
He has and will protect me at every touch!
To make my life happy, he’ll leave no stone unturned,
He will smilingly eat my hand-cooked food – whether raw or burned!
He has no fuss and no complaints,
His needs are simple and plain.
Even a thousand pages won’t suffice to write who you are,
Papa, I know that you’ll always care for me, whether near or far,
May god always protect you in everything you do,
Because you fill my life with adventures and hue!


Special Mention: By Zenobia Powvalla


Special Mention: Dedicated To Daddy

By Kaiwan Elavia

Waiting for you at the door
You pulled me up from the floor
From 2 to 4 you held me close to your chest
With little time for you to rest
Love and care you showered on me beyond compare
Like no other dad would ever dare
The tight hugs & kisses making me feel alive
With your sweet scent in a bee-hive
You are the greatest treasure chest for me
Because you have showered all your love like a tree
With each step I took, I learned from you
The things that I would never do
You gave me inner strength
So that I never feel let down by any dent
You are the King & will always be one
As you spread your love & knowledge with everyone
You gave me a life with so much richness
Leaving little room for any sickness
I wish you a healthy & prosperous life
With my little hands to hold you tight
My love for you is beyond measure
For you are my life’s greatest treasures
I am waiting for you at the door
With my hands stretched out from the core
I love you daddy from the bottom of my heart
The way you have loved me from the start
You are the strongest dad in the whole wide world
As you showed me to always be bold



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