I Will Give Thee My Very Best – Myself, Ahura Mazda!

Dasturji Dr. Manekji Naserwanji Dhalla.

Who am I to give Thee anything? What have I that I can give Thee? Verily nothing have I to give to the giver of all. My heart alone is all that I can call my own and willingly will I dedicate it to Thee.

In my simplicity I thought that I pleased Thee by dedicating to Thee offerings and libations. In my ignorance I believed that my wrongs and evil can be redeemed by costly ceremonials performed by my dutiful descendants after my death. I knew not that Thou dost not delight in rich repasts and costly loads of sandalwood.

Thou dost not like any sacrifices and gifts beyond the sacrifice of my contrite heart. All that Thou dost desire are the good thoughts of my mind and devotion of my heart. I will give all I call mine and devotion to Thy lifelong service. Help me to live my life in Thy service. I will live my life of service to Thee through my life of service to Thy mankind. My service will ever be bereft of all self-seeking.

Thou dost not deny me anything. Thou dost pour down Thy grace upon me. My language leaves me, my words fail me, when I begin to render my thanks to Thee. All that I have is Thine. All that is, is from Thee and in Thee. I bow down in obeisance before Thee. Thou art my life. Thou art more than life to me. Thou art everything to me. Thou art my very self. May my thoughts devout wing their way unto Thee. May my songs of devotion that glorify Thee and magnify Thee, reach Thee. May Thy blessings descend on me. May they be mine. Make me Thine for evermore, Ahura Mazda!

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