The 101 Names Of Pak Dadar Ahura Mazda – Part X (Final)

Daisy P. Navdar is a teacher by profession and a firm believer in the efficacy of our Manthravani. She is focused on ensuring that the deep significance of our prayers is realized by our youth. She credits her learnings and insights, shared in her articles, to all Zoroastrian priests and scholars whose efforts have contributed towards providing light and wisdom for all Zarthostis.

“O Spitaman Zarathushtra! These my names should be recited without faltering, during the day-time and at night, whether sitting or getting up, while tying the kusti or untying it, while going to a place or returning from it,” thus said Lord Ahura Mazda to our glorious Prophet Zarathushtra, in the Hormazd Yasht. 

Yes, this is the direct instruction given by Pak Dadar Ahura Mazda. These names should now become as much a routine in our lives, as brushing our teeth. It is my deepest prayer that in these times of multiple challenges, we recite our prayers with a deeper understanding of their effectiveness and that we emerge triumphant, with the blessings and grace of Ahura Mazda!

This column is in continuation of my ongoing series on the 101 names of Pak Dadar Ahura Mazda, which are really His attributes or qualities. Chanting these names regularly creates a protective aura of their strength around us and keeps us safe. Reciting these names daily, post doing the kusti prayer, can remedy almost all ills and challenges we face. They are not a substitute for effort and hard work; these will augment your dedication and give it an added boost. Please note that each name is a prayer in itself and can be chanted to gain maximum benefit of its particular divine vibration. This marks the conclusion of the 101 names series.

[Please note that these 101 names as explained in this column are referenced from the translation of very ancient texts which have the 1001 names of Pak Dadar Ahura Mazda – hence they may slightly differ from the ones that we normally pray as 101 names.]

  1. Vaspar: Protector of our Mother Earth. Today, more than ever, we need the protection of this name. We should not equate the survival of the human race with the survival of Mother Earth. These have now  become diametric opposites. Even today, we have the opportunity to choose wisely, change our lives and revive the planet. We have to make those choices now. This name helps us overcome the confusion within our mind and keep our families protected. All our tasks and work will find fruition upon the recitation of this benevolent name. 
  2. Ahu: The Fountainhead of all goodness. In all this chaos that surrounds us, we see stories of charity, benevolence and kindness emerge. It is Ahu that brings out the heroic in mankind. Chanting this name will lead you to perform acts of kindness and your good work will come to its divine conclusion. This name has the power to free you from your difficulties and acts as a protection for your children. However, it is very important to note that this is the only name in the 101 names which MUST NOT be recited by itself. It must be recited only as part of all the 101 names. 
  3. Avakshidar: The one who grants forgiveness and the creator who spreads never ending peace and prosperity to all creation. True forgiveness cleanses the soul, the one who forgives is far greater than the one who only gives. It is in the nature of humans to hold on to our hurt, anger and pain. When we nurture these negative emotions, we nurture the source of all our diseases. Chant this name and make an effort to let go of your pain, forgive the one who has caused you your sorrow but most importantly, forgive yourself. 
  4. Dadaar: The Creator – the one who has given birth to the whole universe. When you are planting a seed or growing anything, you must recite this name 101 times. When you recite, ‘Ashaum Dadaar Ahuramazda’, all bad energies and troubles will be kept away from you. Even if troubles come, they will not affect you adversely. If you wish to solve your difficulties, recite this prayer 101 times during the time of Bamdaad (pre-dawn). This word occurs repeatedly in our Avesta Prayers, hence proving its efficacy beyond any doubt.
  5. Rayomand: An abundance of piety and purity! Often, our own thoughts and feelings trap us in a strong negative, downward spiral. It is difficult to extricate yourself from this as this whirlpool could engulf your happiness. When you are inflicted with the devil of negativity, reciting this name will free you from all evil. Particular benefit accrues to those who suffer from a negative self-image or thought process.
  6. Khorehmand: One who is radiant, the one who possesses a halo so brilliant that he is the master of the Aura! When we visit a hospital or a sick person, if we are not in the habit of doing our ritual prayers, if we are constantly exposed to radiation, whether by cell phone or otherwise, then our natural aura gets depleted, leaving us vulnerable to negative vibes. Reciting this name enhances and aids our mental powers and has the effect of piercing through the layers of negativity and cleansing our aura, thereby blessing our soul with true peace and joy. We must not forget that the true nature of the soul is peace and joy only – it is the gift of Pak Dadar Ahura Mazda. 
  7. Davar: The giver of a fair judgement. Reciting ‘Ashaum Raste Davar Yazamaide’ helps you in knowing the hidden truth and it also helps you to avoid vengeance, bringing you fair justice. We often are victims of malice and falsehood – we are falsely projected as being bad by crafty-minded, evil-doers. If you are certain that you are right and that there will be a miscarriage of justice against you, then recite this 101 times every day for 21 days. You will receive fair justice by reciting this name regularly! 
  8. Kerfegar: After the death of our beloved ones, we recite the Patet Pashemani to ask for forgiveness and in repentance of their sins. However, before we recite the Patet, if we recite the name, ‘Ashaum Kerfegar Yazamaide’ 101 times, then the souls of our departed ones will find salvation and forgiveness in their onward journey. This name is very dear to those who reside in the spiritual abode and they will surely send you their blessings if you do it for them. However, we must not forget that we ourselves also need to recite this name and repent with a true heart for all our wrong doings.  
  9. Bokhtar: The liberator, the one who gives salvation. The most severe troubles faced by us can be eradicated by reciting this name. You will find blessings and succor and you will see happiness in your world. This name will help you and guide you to find the right space for your future growth and lead you to your divine destiny.
  10. Frashogar: The giver of salvation and the one who gives rebirth after salvation. If we choose to walk the path as laid down by our Prophet, then we are rewarded with life after death on earth. Reciting this name before bedtime fills your conscience with a divine light and reveals to you the rewards of a clear conscience.

101. Hadha: Giver of birth from His own self, by His own self. Reciting ‘Ashaum Hadha Yazamaide’ means that I bow with purity and reverence to the giver of all life. If you are helpless and in great trouble, then reciting this name will rescue you and revive you.

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