WZCC-WE Holds Interesting Webinar On The Perfect Portfolio Recipe Designed For Women

On 5th June, 2020, the Women’s Entrepreneur Wing of WZCC held a webinar titled ‘The Perfect Portfolio Recipe – Designed for Women’, which was attended by 54 participants from India and the USA.

Swati from DSP introduced the concept of investments in the first half of the webinar, infusing confidence in women participants and encouraging them to select different investment tools, like Fixed deposits, Real estate, Equities and Gold, in intelligent proportions to make a good portfolio. She emphasized how every asset had its own strengths and needed to be customised as per different individual needs. 

In the second half, Financial Advisor – Maher Dhamodiwala, from Financial Artists, addressed queries related to early retirement, financial freedom, safety nets, purchasing properties, financial planning towards taxes, vacations, charity and children’s education. 

He explained, with interesting live case studies, how failing to plan ultimately leads to planning to fail since factors like inflation, risk of one’s life, job uncertainty, emergencies and competing priorities could deter one from achieving their financial dreams. He shared a financial calendar to demonstrate financial planning for all of life’s requirements.

The Webinar concluded with a Q and A session followed by a vote of thanks.

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