You Become What You Think

So, Give A Thought To Your Thoughts!

A Sanskrit saying goes thus: ‘Yad Bhavam, Tad Bhavati,’ orThe world is as you are and you become what you think’. Throughout the animate and the inanimate world, we find patterns of continuous rhythms, in which everything exists in a state of continual vibrations of energies. 

The mind is a collection of our thought-energies and whatever we think, we become. We call this the creative power of thought. Every human being and every situation in life is the result of our thought process. The good and bad situations we find ourselves in, the people we interact with, the problems, tragedies and set-backs we experience, are all outer manifestations of our continuous, inner flux of thought-energies, because perceived reality ultimately becomes manifested reality. In this sense, our thoughts create our day-to-day reality and we are the makers of our so-called good-luck, bad-luck, destiny and karma. We can actually activate good luck with the power of our own thoughts!

Each and every thought has tremendous power i.e. the power to create and put into manifestation. Each time we think, there is a thought-energy having tremendous emotion and the creation process has already started. It’s as if a bullet is released from a gun into the thought sphere of the ethereal realm. Once it is there, thoughts of the very same nature are crowded together, drawn by your thoughts and when the time is ripe, the ‘Law of Karma’ is set into motion.

If your thought was good, good things happen to you. If it was of jealousy, you become the focus of jealousy. If it was a kind thought, kindness is done to you. If it was a cruel thought, you become a victim of cruelty. You see, the thought you release comes back to you as a deed done to you! If you think of betrayal, you are betrayed. If you hate any person (even those who actively hate you), then, you will be hated. This is the Law of Karma and you have created it with your own thought-energy. 

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity [E=MC sq.] only substantiates that everything (including thought) has an equal reaction and that energy and matter are interchangeable. Hence, the energy-power of thoughts becomes our outward circumstances in life. You create your own world with your thoughts and can’t blame luck, destiny or karma or any other person for it. The world, your world, is merely reflecting your innermost thoughts, charged with emotions. You can’t think one thing inside and experience another thing outside.

In times of tragedies, we often ask, “Why Me?” This is because we have forgotten the relationship between thoughts and the events happening to us. This is due to the lapse of time between these two happenings. For a thought to manifest as your life-experience, it may take a few months, years, decades or even lifetimes! Hence, we fail to see a connection. The speed of reciprocation depends on the spiritual evolution of the human being. This is why we see all round us, good people suffering and wicked people prospering. This is based on our karmic lifestyle, that is, in one lifetime, we have a certain karma to fulfil!

The Law of Karma is the law of cause and effect that takes account of every thought, word and deed throughout and in between all lifetimes. Karma is not fatalism. Quite the opposite – the Law of Karma states that everything we think, say and do forms  an imprint (sanskaara) on the mind. Negative thoughts confuse the mind and move us away from the clear light of purity. As a result, we are drawn towards negative experiences in life. When death comes (and come it will to all of us), the sum total of negativity in our mind automatically attracts us to a swoon of darkness, to take re-birth into a tragic lifetime once more than suits our negativity.

Our negative thought-charges not only become painful situations in our life, but create a negative experience elsewhere. Each time we read, see or hear of violence, each time we repeat violent stories, we add to the violent world we live in. In psychology, we call this ‘the collective consciousness’, which can be of a country, nation or a group of people. Every person has a unique thought-wave energy. By meditation, chanting of prayers and mantras, by being with Nature on a daily basis, by satsang, by reading good books, by listening to good music, by appreciating art, dance-forms, any kind of creativity, we elevate our thought-wave-energy and can transform our rhythmic flow of energies into those compatible with the cosmic vibrational flow.

Ultimately, the mind expands and merges into the eternal cosmic mind. This is the power of our thoughts, so give a thought to your thoughts. They could become the key to emancipation.

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