Aucklanders Celebrate End Of Lockdown With Jashan, Ghambaar!

On 28th June, 2020, the Zoroastrian community in Auckland celebrated the end of the Lockdown with a Khusahali-nu-Jashan, at Bucklands and Eastern Beaches Memorial Hall, overlooking the breath-taking waterfront in Auckland, New Zealand. Around 165 Zathostis turned up to count their blessings in rejoicing the end of the pandemic, which had brought life to a grinding halt, the world over. Delicious chasni was distributed after the Jashan to all. 

This was followed by fun games of Housie and a scrumptious Ghambaar, ably organised and sponsored by Benifer Porus Irani, who was helped by the Zarathoshti youth in organising the fun get-together. With Parsi bhonu so much more missed by our Zarthostis abroad, everyone – the young and old – thoroughly enjoyed the masala dar-chawal, stew made by Chef Kaizad Karkaria, and lamb kebabs and falafels made by silent youth donors, concluding with the delicious Lagan nu Custard and Mithu Dahi!

Benifer Irani, the dynamic, go-getter-Aucklander, has been hosting the weekly (Mondays) Zoom Hum-Bandagi Prayers throughout the lockdown, along with regular Zoom Housie games on Saturdays, where she ensures everyone has a rocking time, even dropping prizes outside people’s homes!

Speaking to Parsi Times, Benifer Irani said, “The Ghambar and Khushali-nu-Jashan was a thanksgiving and welcome-back celebration of sorts since people have been away from family and friends for so long. Our prayers and our unity as a community is our greatest strength, which saw us through these tough times. We are lucky, thanks to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s quick ‘go hard – go early’ response to the virus, which helped all us Kiwis and us Kiwi-Zarthostis to work towards a COVID-free New Zealand. Now the focus is on building the economy and making sure that everyone is safe with so many New Zealanders returning home from COVID-19 infested countries all over the world.” 

Overall, it was a much needed and well-received, in-person celebration for all the Kiwi Zoroastrians! 

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