Magnanimous Donors – Pervin And Jal Shroff – Reimburse PGH In Entirety Despite Project Being Shelved

A Press Release issued on behalf of the B D Petit Parsee General Hospital (PGH) has greatly thanked the Hong Kong-based, one of the most generous donors of our community – Jal and Pervin Shroff, for having reimbursed the entire Preliminary and Pre-operative expenditure incurred for the construction of the multi-speciality hospital, which was unfortunately revoked due to objections raised by some community members.


The Press Release, which was issued on 24th July, 2020,  reads:

“As is known to the members of Parsi Zoroastrian community, the munificent pledge of US $ 22.5 million by Mrs. Pervin and Mr. Jal Shroff of Hong Kong, for the construction of a new secular multi-speciality hospital named, ‘Shroff Medical Centre of B D Petit Parsee General Hospital’, was reluctantly withdrawn by the donors, in view of administrative bureaucracy, legal challenges and disruptive opposition from some members of our community.

The management of B D Petit Parsee General Hospital (PGH) had incessantly worked on this Project for over three years and had incurred a preliminary and pre-operative expenditure of ₹ 5,78,84,023.76, part of which, at ₹ 1,45,09,500.00 was earlier shared by the donors.

At the request of the management of PGH, the Donors have now magnanimously reimbursed the entire balance of the preliminary and pre-operative expenditure incurred by PGH for the now-abandoned new hospital project, in order not to unduly strain the limited resources of PGH.

The management of PGH will eternally remain grateful to Mrs. Pervin and Mr. Jal Shroff for their benevolence and continued support to PGH.

For and on behalf of
B D Petit Parsee General Hospital”

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