MCGM Commends Masina Hospital Under Dr. Vispi Jokhi’s Leadership

On 26th June, 2020, the Assistant Commissioner, E-Ward, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) wrote in a well-deserved commendation, praising Dr. Vispi Jokhi, CEO of Masina Hospital, on the excellent service and compassion shown by the hospital staff under his brilliant leadership. Under the Epidemic Act, Masina Hospital, like all others, was made to compulsorily stay functional, with certain beds reserved for those suffering from the novel coronavirus. 

Having initially started off with a 15-bed Isolation Unit, within just a few days, in keeping with the increasing number of people testing positive for Covid-19, Masina Hospital was able to efficiently provide a 100-bed Isolation Unit, providing great relief to a large number of Corona-positive patients, amidst the ongoing dearth of beds and facilities for such patients. 

An excerpt from the letter reads:

“It is really marvellous… I really feel that Healthcare professionals are the smartest, most innovative, most conscientious people on earth…. This hospital has provided very good care in a humane and compassionate manner; the recovery rate is very good and mortality rate is very low, at about 2%. I appreciate you and your hospital staff for being so giving, and caring for the poor and needy patients, in full compliance with the guidelines provided by MCGM. 

Your generosity is once again deeply appreciated and will make positive differences in lives of Covid-19 patients. Together, I am hopeful that we will certainly win the battle against Covid-19, sooner rather than later.” 

Speaking to Parsi Times, Dr. Vispi Jokhi, CEO, Masina Hospital, said, “Masina Hospital has stood tall through the Covid-19 pandemic and will continue to do so. However, the message I want to convey to the community is that while we are entering ‘Unlock 1 and 2’ in Mumbai, we need to understand that we cannot afford to relax or let our guards down. A constant awareness of the threat of the virus and remembering the three key elements of Social Distancing; wearing Masks and Sanitization is the one and only real way to contain the spread of the virus.”

In more recent news, Behram R. Khodaiji, a seasoned Medical Administrator associated with the Reliance Foundation Hospital for the past six years, joins Team Masina as its Joint CEO. He was earlier on the Board of Prince Aly Khan Hospital. He looks forward to further strengthening the systems which are already in place and creating new policies/processes where needed, and to reinforce Masina Hospital’s growth and progress as one of the city’s leading health institutions. He aims at offering patients a very positive hospital experience, identifying major clinical focus areas and taking all necessary measures to make these ‘Centers of Excellence’. He would also be looking at boosting Masina’s charitable ventures, which comprise an integral part of the hospital’s philosophy.














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