Through Zarathushtra Didst Thou Speak, Ahura Mazda!

Dasturji Dr. Manekji Naserwanji Dhalla.

Zarathushtra of the family of Spitamas first heard Thee, Ahura Mazda. No sublime words were heard aforetime like those which he spoke in Thy name in Ancient Iran.

The seeingly blind and the hearingly deaf laughed Zarathushtra to scorn and held him up to the ridicule of all. He was forsaken by the faint-hearted. He was driven from place to place with his early disciples. Like prophets all, Zarathushtra, lived and suffered for all mankind. When, at the age of seventy, a fanatic felon killed him, he fell and died for all mankind.

All the long years of his life, Zarathushtra carried the blessed message of Ahura Mazda to the souls of his hearers. He strove to set right the erring world’s wrongs. He worked for the succour and salvation of mankind. He gave up his all for the good of all.

Zarathushtra, the most blessed among the blessed of the seven zones, stored unexcelled wisdom and holiness in him. I will do what the beloved messenger of Ahura Mazda says to me, for what he says is the best. I will let his sublime ideal seize my imagination.

I will make my sincere faith in him the pivot of my life. I will make his life the ideal of my life and will strive to do what he did. His ideal beckons me to the beatitude of the great God. I will endeavour to go forward and rise upward towards it.

Zarathushtra asked Thee, Ahura Mazda, to help him as one friend helps another. So do I crave Thy help. By day and by night, wherever I happen to be, I will think of Thee and dream of Thee. Faithfully will I let Thy image occupy my soul. Thou art my shield and armour. When burdened with care and anxiety, there is none but Thee to soothe and sustain me. With Thee with me, my life turns heavenly on earth.

Zarathushtra has admitted me in the fellowship of Zoroastrianism, which is the most cheerful, buoyant, optimistic, hopeful, youthful religion. He alone is a true Zoroastrian, who truly walks the way of life, pleasing to Thee, shown us by Zarathushtra. Others call themselves so but in vain. Dutifully and devoutly will I follow his steps till the end of my life and will be a true worshipper of the Mazdayasnian Zoroastrian religion.

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