Zarrir And Zerkxis Bhandara Offer Muktad Prayers Over Zoom For Community Members

Since we are following the mandatory social distancing and places of worship are closed, we are offering an opportunity for our humdins to participate in the Muktad prayers through Zoom (digital platform) from their own homes. 

Some people may not be in favor of performing ceremonies over Zoom but we have to do our best in the given circumstances. Hence, considering the unprecedented times we are in, where our community members are not able to visit our Agiaries/Atashbehrams and participate in religious ceremonies, this is the best way our community can participate in Muktad prayers. Their religious thirst can thus be quenched and their religious needs fulfilled; they can enhance their emotional health, and bring about healing around the world sooner. 

Kindly note that all religious ceremonies / prayers / rituals are performed totally on an honorary basis. Praying together is so much more beneficial than praying individually and hearing/ witnessing our religious ceremonies is incredibly powerful, so at a time like this, it would not be right to restrict people from participating just on account of usage of electronic media.


Please click on the following link to participate in the solemn Hama Ashofarohar Jashan performed every day at 6:00 AM, IST, starting Friday, 7th August till Sunday, 16th August, 2020:

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