2020: The Year Of Reflection, Resilience And Reawakening

2020 should be declared as the Year of Reflection, Resilience and Reawakening.

From the Australian bush fires, to the new found word-of-the-year that has made a famous beer brand even more (in)famous and everything in between, the past 7 months have taught us unforgettable lessons of our lifetimes.

Contrary to disputed theories as regards how long humans have existed on planet Earth, history and evidence take us back to times before Christ, showcasing the human race’s intellect and desire to succeed. From achievements in arithmetic and astronomy, to DNA manipulation and cloning… as a race, we have come a long way. So, let’s come together yet again and make Darwin proud! Evolution has always favored the fittest – adapt or perish, is one of nature’s many mantras.

What are the options, we may ask. The answer is as simple as seeking opportunities in adversity. Opportunity though, is a word often perceived subjectively. It varies in spectrum and perception. To the wildebeest, an opportunity comprises seeking and finding a waterhole, after an extensive migration; to the Crocodile, it is the deliverance of a meal after a long and patient wait. Whilst this holds good in the animal kingdom, were a human to follow this path, he would be dubbed an opportunist. The idea is to establish a balance; to work cohesively for the benefit of not just oneself, but for the holistic upliftment of society, of the environment and its preservation for posterity.

Let the learnings of 2020 not go in vain. As the title suggests, let us stop, look around and reflect on the rights and wrongs. A calm, thoughtful and a logical mind, is the first step on the ladder of good beginnings. Without it, one would fail to see the proverbial elephant in the room. Your thoughts convert to words, decisions and actions. In turn, this will charter and pave the road for the life you choose. You owe it to yourself, to reflect and make correct mindful choices.

Following self-reflections or introspection, comes resilience. Grit, being the other word. Like a Sailor’s resilience in a stormy sea to reach the shore, one must look for avenues and tools, to make the path one treads, easier. A solution-centric, far-sighted approach to situations and life will make your journey easier.

And then – reawakening or regeneration – impossible to achieve without the prior two steps. Reawakening is a broad-based word; it could mean the regeneration of health, change of mindset and ideology, reacting to a situation differently than you typically would, and so on.

This year, we have witnessed Mother Nature making a comeback. Let us learn and imbibe from nature, the things we see around and often overlook in haste. It’s time to slow down and learn from the tiny ant, the art of survival in a structured society, where everyone has a role to play and where one individual’s actions benefit everyone. In contrast to the tiny ant, there’s much to imbibe from the magnificently huge Banyan tree which shelters and provides shade to all who pass under it, standing firm like a sentinel, no matter how strong the storm. And all the while, it harbors within, a great, self-sufficient ecosystem.

With this elucidated, let’s move on to rejoice the simple pleasures and joys life has to offer. Let’s gaze towards the stars with hope and determination. Let’s celebrate and live each day as we would our birthday or a celebratory occasion. And most of all, let’s be humble and bow our heads with gratitude, to the creator!

Wish your loved ones and you, a beautiful and peaceful New Year!

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