Kudos Dr. Khushnuma Tata!

At the young age of twenty-six, Mumbai’s Godrej Baug resident – Khushnuma Tata, who teaches at Mumbai’s K C College as an Assistant Professor, has done the community proud by earning her Ph.D in Consumer Behaviour Towards Ready to Eat Food. She was awarded her Doctorate certification from the Governor of Mizoram.

Her research papers have been presented at national and global conferences and have also been published in UGC Care Journals. Her recent paper on ‘2020: A New Market in A New World’, related to Consumer Behaviour of people during COVID-19, which she presented at an international conference, won her the title of the ‘Best Research Paper’.

Speaking to Parsi Times, Dr. Khushnuma shares, “Since I was in Class XII, I had a dream of adding a prefix before my name – a weird dream indeed, but I was determined to pursue it at any cost and so began my journey of chasing this dream! I was an Analyst at Ernst & Young, when I got enrolled for my PhD and at times it was challenging to manage work, studies and home! Nevertheless, I didn’t allow the word, ‘impossible’ into my life. My major support system through this journey is my family – my parents (Hutoxi and Bomi Randelia) who taught me to never give up on my dreams and fight for it until you achieve it; my husband, Toaras Tata, who has been my backbone, encouraging and supporting me in every way; my sister Jasmine and my in-laws Jeroo Adi Tata and Navaz Tata for their constant encouragement. Eventually, decided to follow my passion and started teaching at KC College. Also, my students play a very important role in my life – they are my driving force!”

Recently, Khushnuma has co-launched an Insta handle called RK Learning Studios which deals with various myths and facts surrounding businesses and makes learning fun with images and infographics.  Her aim is to make Marketing and Human Resource concepts fun and ensure that her students follow the path of ‘Unlearn and Relearn’!

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