Muktad In Perth

The holy Muktad prayers in Perth were yet again, as has been for the past almost fifteen years now, held at the home of Ervad Aspi and Farida Madan. Though the world is reeling under the COVID pandemic, Zarthostis in West Australia weren’t under severe restrictions, thanks to the Government’s stand on early lockdown and border closures in mid-March. 

The local Zoroastrians brought in their vases for prayers a few days before the start of the Muktads to Er. Aspi’s with fresh flowers et al. Every evening a short prayer for the departed with a Humbandagi was held, with people joining in from far and near. On 15th August marking Pateti this year, the Muktad Jashan and prayers were held, with almost 70 Zarthostis attending, who also brought food dishes which they enjoyed together, post prayers and chasni.

This year three local Ervads – Er. Aspi Madan, Er. Mahiyar Keravala and Er. Firdosh Behramkamdeen – performed the Jashan. It was a pleasant and auspicious occasion for the local Zoroastrian community to come together in prayer and interact. Similar Muktad prayers were held in other Australian cities including Sydney and Melbourne, as also in Auckland (NZ). Unfortunately, with the restrictions of the lockdown, they could not have people gathering in most cities, with many New Year dinners and get togethers also standing cancelled, and low-key celebrations.




[Courtesy: Firoz Pestonji]

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