Thou Art The Hope Of The Hopeless, Ahura Mazda!

Dasturji Dr. Manekji Naserwanji Dhalla.

Hope buoys me up. Hope raises the banner under which victory can be won. I am happy when the bright ray of hope shines upon me. Often is hope doomed to disappointment. I become upholder of a forlorn hope. Me bright hope gives way to despair. My long cherished hope grows dim and fades. It is dashed to the ground. It dies.

Let me not entertain wild hopes. Let me not waste my time and energy in pursuit of what is unattainable. Let me not be lured with false hopes. Let not the obsession of grief overwhelm me. Save me from being drowned in the waters of dark despair.

Thou art as near me as my ownself. The footfall of an ant is not beyond Thy hearing. Thou dost hear my sigh, when I weep for the vanished hope. In the face of danger, when my mind is filled with dark forebodings and my heart with sorrow, Thou dost ask me to hold on unto the end. When I think hopes have I none, Thou dost come to my help and cheer me with the words that the life of hope is still before me. Thou dost give me hope when everything seems full of despair and I come to Thee with faltering steps.

When my cherished hope is not fulfilled, let not disappointment deflect me from the path of my duty. Let me bravely meet the hardships and obstacles I have to face before I reach the haven of my hope. Give me the patience to match my steps that lie between my hope and its fulfilment.

Faith in Thee gives me hope and urges me to hold fast, when I am on the brink of falling. In Thee is my final hope. On Thee will I set my hopes all life long, forever art Thou the hope of all, Ahura Mazda!


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