XYZ Prays Together, Stays Together During Gathas

XYZ’s Rustom’s Rockstars (RR) hosted a special 5-Day online Humbandagi on Zoom during the holy days of Gathas from 11th August 2020 to 15th August 2020, every evening at 7 pm. The Humbandagi was open to all XYZ groups – members, family and friends. Er. Noshirwan Tata of NR Tata Agiary (Bandra) graciously led the Humbandagi. 

This worked out well as there was no access to fire temples because of the ongoing pandemic, and led to everyone coming together online and praying together. Each day saw members and volunteers learn new religious information – on the significance of Muktads, understanding the five Gathas, customs followed during these pious days, etc. The online sessions and Humbandagis were enjoyed by all participants and attendees from India and overseas.

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