Er. Soli Completes Silver Service At Saronda Agiary

Er. Soli Dadee Panthaky (Sorondawala) has completed twenty-five glorious years, serving the pious Padshah Saheb of the Saronda Agiary in Gujarat. Kudos to Er. Soli for taking such good care of the Agiary selflessly, silently, unsung and with full devotion, single-handedly.

Whether there is rain, power cuts for a long duration and other hardships which he has endured during these years of yeoman service to the Agiary, Er. Soli has never flinched an eyelid and left no stone unturned in the services of the Daremeher Padshasaheb.

His late wife, Dolly, always stood by him through thick and thin and would also travel all the way from Mumbai at times to help him serve the Agiary. Er. Soli’s son – Burzeez, daughter-in-law – Suzu and grandson – Tuzan, are his greatest strengths.

We wish him good health and all the best in his services to the Padhsah Saheb and thank him for keeping the holy fire flickering always. Ishtar Te.

(With inputs from Adil J Madon)

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