Masina Hospital Offers Quality Dialysis Services to Kidney Patients

Masina Hospital and Vivo Kidney Care have teamed up successfully to provide high quality, Dialysis Services that will improve the life-longevity for all patients who undergo dialysis at the hospital. State-of-the-Art machines, along with modern RO systems and well-trained staff, have helped bring back smiles to all patients.

  While the current Covid-19 situation has resulted in much turbulence for society in general, Masina Hospital along, with the Vivo team, has bounced back to normalize operations by working day-and-night to maintain safety protocols and infection-protection for regular patients, while isolating Covid-19 dialysis patients, who needed treatment under quarantine.

Vivo Kidney Care is privileged to have Masina Hospital as its guardian angel and the support of the Parsi community has helped needy patients get the best in class treatments at affordable costs. Dr. Vispi Jokhi, the dynamic CEO of Masina Hospital, has been instrumental in getting St. Johns Ambulance, represented by Phillie Karkaria, to donate the high-tech RO plant.

This was followed by the generous Cyrus Bagwadia and his family coming forward to create a corpus that supports the dialyser and tubing for 15 patients for life. Dr. Burjor Antia and Minoo Irani were instrumental in getting Vivo to set up the ultramodern unit at Dahanu, which now supports 400 treatments, monthly.

“We have accepted the fact that Covid-19 is here to stay and our team has to be ready for managing operations with all safety permissions and proper counseling for all patients


 and their caregivers. We are confident of maintaining all the safety protocols to ensure that Masina Hospital is the best place for all dialysis patients to get dialyzed,” said Dr. Sunil Nair.

These initiatives could sustain and grow, thanks to the support of Dr. Chandan Choudhary, ably guided by Dr. Madan Bahadur. Masina’s patients are now the brand ambassadors spreading the message of quality and wellness reinforcing Masina Hospitals motto, ‘Your Health, Our Mission’, complimented by the Vivo philosophy – ‘Feel Better, Live Longer’.

Speaking to Parsi Times, Dr. Vispi Jokhi said, “The story of the pandemic in Masina Hospital and its link to Dialysis has been a noteworthy success. This happened amidst the shut-down of Dialysis units, happening rampantly during the initial summer months. We created our SOPs and protocols which resulted in near-uninterrupted services at Masina Hospital. Even today we are amongst the few centers providing safe Dialysis for Covid-19 positive patients. The unit along with Dr. Chandan Chaudhari, has provided exemplary service to the patients.”

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