Teacher’s Day Greetings

Team Parsi Times, on behalf of all the fortunate students who have been blessed with fab teachers, appreciates and thanks all our wonderful and hard-working educationists and wishes you all a very Happy Teacher’s Day! You are indeed the light in our lives that helps us shine bright! PT Reporter, Binaisha M. Surti, is delighted to share some special wishes by our community’s youngsters who wish to thank their dynamic teachers! 



“To those who taught us ABC
And work on so tirelessly,
From school-work to life-lessons they’ve covered it all,
Teaching us to get up after every fall.
With Knowledge as broad as the sea,
Striving to make us the best we can be,
For painting our lives in this wonderful hue,
From the bottom of our hearts, we say – Thank You!”
– Diana Tanttra (Bai A F Petit Girls High School)


“Teachers play a significant role in shaping our future. They teach us good values, constantly encourage us to take on new responsibilities and help us express ourselves. In these times, my teachers have played a fabulous role, enabling us to adapt to any challenge. Thank you for not only teaching us to count, but more importantly teaching us what counts.”
– Yazad Wadia (Maneckji Cooper Education Trust School)


“Teachers are the ones who correct us when we are wrong, they prepare us to climb the stairway of life. They are not only our mentors but also our friends, philosophers and guides. We always appreciate all that you do for us. Happy Teacher’s Day!”
– Sanaya Bacha (New Horizon Scholars School)


“Teachers are torch-bearers of knowledge and wisdom, shaping the lives of innumerable students. They are our guardians at school guiding us and making us bold and confident. Our future brightens with each lesson taught and each goal they help us reach. They are worthy gems as you will find none like them. They leave their footprints not only in our hearts but also in our thoughts for a lifetime.”
– Miron Shroff (St. Mary’s School)


“Our teachers are God-sent angels on earth, not only to teach but to also mould us into stronger individuals. They are indeed humans who have the super-power of teaching. To all my dear teachers, thank you for all that you have done for me.”
– Kiana Tanttra (Bai AF Petit Girls High School)




“Teacher’s Day is synonymous to every single day of our lives. They are the ones who develop young minds into responsible citizens of the nation. Our nation has progressed and prospered all thanks to the efforts of our teachers who put their heart and soul into enlightening us students. My sincere gratitude to all my lovely teachers.”
– Armaan Rustomji (Campion School)


“What a teacher is, is more important than what he teaches – Karl Menninger. Having an occasional laugh with us students or advising with personal or career related issues while also teaching us our syllabus is what makes my teachers very special. Happy Teacher’s Day to all of them.”
– Thianne Mistry (JB Petit High School)


“My school teachers are a flame of light that illuminate young minds. I was a little apprehensive at first about online schooling, but their patience, compassion, politeness and love for all of us gave me the courage to overcome my fears. I appreciate each and every teacher from around the globe for all their efforts and hard work. I bow down in respect to you on the occasion of Teacher’s Day.”
– Hushrav Fitter (Maneckji Cooper Education Trust School)



“The world came to a standstill but not our education only because of our teacher’s relentless efforts to ensure that each and every one of us was learning and gaining knowledge from the comfort of our homes. They are the ones who focus on our overall development as well as academic performances. I am so blessed and thankful to have wonderful teachers who have made a big difference in my life.”
– Minaish Rustomji (JB Petit High School)


“Happy Teacher’s Day to all my lovely teachers who are like my second set of parents at school, as they are responsible for all my accolades and success. Their influence upon me is everlasting and has shaped me into the person I am today. I thank them for being great educators, influencers and pillars of support.”
– Vivaan Mehta (Edubridge International School)


“5th September is a day we celebrate, appreciate and honour our teachers. During normal school we would all be involved in different kinds of activities but this year things will be different. Nevertheless, we shall still make this day special for all our educators. The role teachers play is very important in our lives. We always strive to do our best and make our teachers proud.”
– Parmys Mahernosh (Bai AF Petit Girls High School)






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