Tribute: Mrs. Homai Homi Mehta

(10th October, 1944 – 15th September, 2020)


We all used to fondly call her Homai. She left us on 15th September, 2020, leaving a void impossible to fill. A leader and a visionary par excellence, she not only was the founder of the Indian Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals (IASAP), but was also responsible for grooming hundreds of professional lives of the members of IASAP.

An avid problem solver she was the first choice and the last refuge of any person who faced difficulties in their personal and professional life. Compassion was in her blood; personal integrity – her life-long strength. Grounded and centered in reality and truth, she made a place in everyone’s heart as an icon of humility, trust and reliability.

Her vision and tireless effort was the singular reason why our Association reached the pinnacle of its glory. Always available on the wings to support, encourage, guide, mentor and inspire every newcomer to the Association.

While I wonder how we will go ahead in the future, I am reminded of her words. “Don’t stare at the mountains, go climb them!” In her absence, we all know the climb is going to be very strenuous, but deep in our hearts we can see her beacon light shining on our path – leading and protecting us in our journey ahead. With her as our spiritual guide, we shall overcome all our obstacles…

While God will give her His choicest place in Heaven, we pray for her soul to rest in everlasting peace.

Thank you, Homai, for all that you were to us. We love you.


Fondly remembered By:
The President,
Immediate Past President
and the Governing Council, Indian Association of Secretaries & Administrative Professionals. 

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