ZAC Holds Farvardegan Jashan In California

The Zoroastrian Association of California (ZAC) celebrated the auspicious Farvardin Parabh on 3rd September, 2020, with a Farokshi and a Jashan, accompanied by a brief talk on the significance of this day. At 5:30 pm, a Hama Asho Farohar Jashan was performed by the famous and much loved father-son duo – Er. Zarrir and Er. Zerkxis Bhandara, after reciting the Farokshi prayer in the presence of about ten Parsi Zarthostis. The event was also streamed live over Zoom for the benefit of the rest of the community. 

After the Jashan, Er. Zarrir enlightened the participants with an interesting talk. He said, “As you know, we performed the Farvardin Mah Farvardin Roj Jashan, which is dedicated to our dear departed Farohars, but what do we understand about the term ‘Farohar’ or ‘Fravashi’ in Avestan? Fravashi is our guardian angel – our spiritual counterpart in the spirit world. We are all spiritual beings, temporarily residing in physical bodies. 

Fravashi is one of the five constituents of man, it is our guardian angel, our direct contact to help, grant us boons. The other 4 include – ‘Uravan’ or our soul; ‘Kehrpa’ or our astral body; ‘Tanu’ or our physical body; and ‘Ushta’ or our breath. Hence, with the Farohars of our dear departed ones, we also remember all Fravashis on this day. 

In Farvardin Yasht, which is one of the oldest and longest Yashts comprising 157 verses and is a part of our Farokshi prayers, we remember 9,999 Fravashis.”

He also spoke of his friend, Professor Dr. Touraj Daryayee, Director of Jordanian studies at the University of Irvine in California, who shared a striking similarity portrayed in the award-winning Disney movie, ‘Coco’, which resonated with our in the life hereafter in a humorous way. “Please, do watch this spiritually entertaining movie, in which the importance of dogs is also portrayed,” said.

Er. Zarrir further explained that the first part of Farvardin Yasht is dedicated to the Fravashis in general and the second part to the Fravashis of well-known men and women and Kings of our Religion. It glorifies the power and attributes of Farohars. When we are in need of anything in difficult times, they swiftly come to our rescue; they protect and sustain our Earth and all its creations, thus renovating our world. 

Concluding on a positive and hopeful note, Er. Zarrir Bhandara said, “Hence, starting today, I feel our world is renovating and a positive era has been ushered in.” 

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