From the Editors Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Dear Readers,

As expected, and as had been predicted earlier by healthcare professionals, there has been a constant surge in the number of cases testing positive for the Coronavirus, calling for that many more appointments with the doctor. And with October marking a change in season, there will be a greater number of people falling prey to the usual flu and other lesser maladies. So do continue to stay safe and continue practicing the mandatory precautions to ensure October goes Doctor-free.

In fact, going by the results of the National Sample Survey as regards the health of India’s different religious communities, which was released in July this year, the Zoroastrian community tops the list as the one most susceptible to ailments, at 31.1 per cent. (More details on Pg. 7). While one need not go into a panic, it would certainly be wise to stay alert and put in the extra effort to maintain good health – both, physical and mental.

The one thing that can boost your overall health is staying happy and doing fun things. And speaking of fun, Team PT applauds all our talented readers who participated in our fun contest, ‘No Can Do – Without Eedu!’ in celebration of ‘World Egg Day’ – definitely a day that should be celebrated by every true-blue, egg-relishing Parsi! As always, we received a handsome number of entries and have featured some of the top ones in our Contest Results (Pg. 10).

We have also been receiving a good response to our initiative – Parsi Times LIFELINE, which endeavours to provide rescue and relief to under-privileged community members, especially seniors, who are unable to fend for themselves in these trying times. PT thanks our generous donors for their noble and much-needed support and magnanimity for helping out vulnerable Parsis in need. We request community members to continue writing in to us as regards those in need of help.

Have a safe and fun weekend!

– Anahita

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