From the Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk


Dear Readers,

It may be Halloween today, but 2020 has unceremoniously robbed it of its spook entirely! After the whole world living the COVID-19 horror-story in real time, I’m sure this Celtic festival must feel robbed of all potency to scare! It’s a little late in the day to respond to the ‘Trick or Treat?’ question, when the better part of the year has been a ‘mask’erade!

Words like ‘fear’ and ‘fatality’ have taken on new dimensions. But then, so have ‘hope’ and ‘faith’! If social distancing and hand sanitizers have become the new normal, we’ve also been given the opportunity to bond with family and renew old friendships… more importantly, we finally have some time for self-care and introspection… we’ve been able to take that elusive breather from the unforgiving, relentless rat race!

There is indeed much to be thankful and hopeful for. And as we join our hands in gratitude, let us also send our prayers and best wishes for the timely healing and wholesome recovery of our young priest, Er. Zahan Turel, who suffered burn injuries in an unfortunate accident, while offering prayers at the Goti Aderan in Surat, which has been served by generations of his family. He is currently being treated at Masina Hospital in Mumbai.

On behalf of our community members in India and across the world, Parsi Times stands by our dear, young Er. Zahan Turel and his family in solidarity, with heartfelt prayers for a speedy and painless recovery. May Pak Ahura Mazda bless our young priest with lots of strength and determination to get back on his feet soon!

Wish you all a good weekend!


– Anahita

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