Let Not Life Ever Lose Its Zest For Me, Ahura Mazda!

Dasturji Dr. Manekji Naserwanji Dhalla.

Let the joy of living fill my heart to overflowing. Let it grow with the growth of the years of my life. Let me always say yea to life. Let me give to life at least as much as, life gives to me. Give me life, Thou Creator mine, lively and long, useful and joyful. Lengthen the days of my life and let me take the greatest pains in whatever I do in my pilgrimage through life.

Difficult is the path that I have to tread in life. Help me to steer the ship of life safely through the tempestuous torrents of life. Let the conquering spirit within me be ever alert and alive. Let me be active and agile and always on the move.

Give me an overflowing of both physical and spiritual vitality. Let me throw myself whole-heartedly into my work. Let me take up my daily work cheerfully and enthusiastically in whatever sphere of action my work may lie. Let me consecrate all my energies to the noble cause of serving others.

Let not life ever lose its meaning for me. Let me never lose confidence in myself. Let me not lose joy in life, when I am old. Let not the weight of years destroy my zest for life. Let my outlook on life widen. Let my interest in life deepen.

Help me to discover the latent possibilities that slumber in my inner world. Guide me to rouse them to pulsating life and enthuse me to work for their realization. Help me to develop the virtues of durability and endurance beyond the ordinary. Give me the gift of infusing my enthusiasm in the minds and spirits of my children, that my happy household may be aglow with the joys of life.

Help me to steadfastly put my hand to the plough and work with courage and perseverance and unfailing zest. Enthuse me to go onward with every fibre of my being with my mission in life, that life may be an example to others, Ahura Mazda!

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