Put Me Thou On The Track Of Truth, Ahura Mazda!

Dasturji Dr. Manekji Naserwanji Dhalla.

Give me the will and ability to find out truth, Thou that art the Fountain of Truth. Across error lies the way to truth. If I fall in my fight for truth, help me to rise and fight again, till I have vanquished falsehood. Truth may be worsted awhile but it will ultimately triumph. Let not my lips ever lie. Let truth be ever on my lips. Let me speak truth with my whole heart.

Let it never be said about me that often do I promise, but seldom do I make my words good. Let me fulfil in deed, what I say in word. Let me never live a life of untruth. Let me make truthfulness the backbone of my life, that all may count my word as sure as a bond. Let me instinctively turn to the moral light of truth, as the plant turns to physical light. Let me see the light of truth.

Let me not let my days glide on in fleeting pleasures. In my unrestrained fascination for things outward, let me not neglect things inward. Let me work daily from daylight to dark in search of truth. Let me not yield to any obstacle and hardship that come in my way. Let my inquisitiveness and longing to find out and know the truth become a habit with me. Let me discover myself. Let me see my wrongs and follies and falsehoods, that I may leave them.

Truth accumulates from generation to generation and grows. My earnest desire in life is to know the truth. I hunger and thirst with all my heart to know the truth. Knowing the truth, I will swerve not by one hair’s breadth from the path of truth that I have determined to tread.

Lead me into Thy truth, Ahura Mazda. Fill my soul with the light of Thy truth. Truth is religion and Thou art truth, I will make my heart the temple of Thy truth. When Thou wilt come to me, Thou wilt find the image of Thy truth engraved in my heart, O Thou, my Great God!

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