WZCC Invites Applications Again For Interest-Free Financial Support

The World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce (WZCC), a leading global platform for Zoroastrian entrepreneurs and professionals, with chapters in seven countries worldwide, once again offers Zarathushti entrepreneurs in India the excellent opportunity to secure Interest-Free financial support, with the aim of promoting and facilitating the growth of Zarathushti businesses in India.

 WZCC offers financial support up to a maximum of Rs. 25 lakhs without interest, (against a collateral) to be returned over 3 years in equal monthly installments. The Business Advisory Committee, as a Policy, will recommend funding for an applicant, if the business idea is innovative or unique and which has a clearly defined potential for providing value to customers. 

A wonderful opportunity for young and old Zarathushtis in India to establish and expand their business in the best tradition of our entrepreneurial forefathers, WZCC has mobilized funds from well-wishers and has so far, successfully financed five Zarathushti Entrepreneurs – Urvaksha Tavadia, Dr. Murzban Karai, Cyrus Pithavala, Rehan Netarwalla and Cyrus Mistry. These businesses have successfully scaled up, thanks to WZCC’s timely support. Says Cyrus Pithavala of Hazira Container Yard, Surat “I strongly feel that Zoroastrian entrepreneurs with good ideas must take advantage of financial support by institutions like WZCC/WZOTF and make their dreams come true. I am grateful to WZCC for having confidence in my business plan and for providing me with timely financial support, which has greatly helped me expand and strengthen my business.”

Budding Zarathushti entrepreneurs, who wish to start a business or expand their existing business, may apply to WZCC for interest free funding. Interested applicants must send (email) complete details of their proposed business plan along with financial projections based on the format provided in the WZCC’s book, ‘Learning To Succeed’, at: wzccindia@on-lyne.com


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