Zeshan Jokhi Tops Again!

Young genius, 18-year-old Zeshan Yashan Jokhi has once again done the community proud, having topped the A-level examinations in Dubai, for the academic year 2019-2020. In the previous years, he also topped the IGCSE and AS levels.

Not surprising, the academic prodigy secured admission in five of UK’s top universities for his undergraduate course, but has selected the University of Bristol, to pursue his Bachelor of Engineering, based on the research facilities offered here relevant to his field of interest. Zeshan is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, post which he plans to do a Masters and follow that up with a Doctorate.

Having completed his schooling from Dubai’s Winchester School, Zeshan is known to be meticulous, focused, research-oriented and a good planner. His achievements are his biggest motivations to strive harder. He credits a large part of his success to his mother who supports him and ensures he has all he needs to continue excelling. The secret to his success is adhering unfailingly to his study schedule, which includes time for recreation as well as studies.

Says Zeshan, “Success is the sum of small efforts done, day in and out, with full determination and perseverance.” Here’s wishing the dynamic and young-but-wise Zeshan all the very best for a brilliant future and a fulfilling career!

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