Giving Thanks During The Pandemic

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Giving Thanks During The Pandemic

Dear Readers,

A couple of days ago, the 26th of November, marked the famous ‘Thanksgiving Day’, celebrated the world over, especially in countries across Europe, the USA, Canada, and many more. Though ‘Thanksgiving’ is originally meant to celebrate the harvest and other blessings of the year gone by, it is a much awaited holiday in current times, as it has come to mean the getting together of family and friends and collectively giving thanks.

But giving thanks during a time, when most of the world is still reeling under the devastation caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic, takes one’s gratitude to another level altogether. The past eight-month-period has ensured varying amounts of introspection in us all. Most of us have emerged the wiser from it – with our own self-discoveries, epiphanies and a clearer understanding of our priorities.

The one revelation that stands out above the rest, is that we have a lot to give thanks for… even if it took a global catastrophe for us to have finally comprehended this reality. A lot of that gratitude simply comes in from looking around and realising that it could have been so much worse for us. Do not, for a single moment, misread this blessing as a privilege. And definitely not as an entitlement. We are the fortunate recipients of the universe’s grace, and just like the saying, ‘with great authority, comes great responsibility’, so too, with this gracious blessing, comes our duty to reach out to and help those who are less fortunate than us.

There is no better way of expressing our gratitude to the universe and giving thanks to our Maker, than helping and healing His own creations who are in need, with our compassion, time, efforts and resources. As the grateful, chosen ones, let us reciprocate this boon by giving thanks – in thought, word and deed – to alleviate the hardships of the impoverished and bring succour to all the disadvantaged who cross our path, during these challenging times.

Have a good weekend!


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