Amardad Parabh Celebrated in California

On 20th December, 2020, a Jashan in honor of Amardad Amshashpand was performed by Ervads Zarrir and Zerkxis Bhandara, at the ZAC Atash Kadeh. Sponsored by Cyrus and Dr. Scheherazade Mistry (New York), the Jashan was streamed over Zoom to an audience of over 40 Zarthostis. After the Jashan, Er. Zarrir lead the online congregation with Humbandagi, in which Ardibehest Yasht ni Nirang was recited for healing and Sarosh Yasht ni Nirang was recited for protection.

After the prayers, Er. Zarrir shared a sermon explaining the significance and qualities of Amardad Amesha Spenta, saying, “The attribute of Amardad Amshashpand is immortality, which doesn’t mean that by praying to Him you will live forever! It refers to the illustrious life that will be remembered long after you’ve passed, through your good deeds, which you performed in this life and through the generations of your progeny, who would walk in your footsteps. In other words, your legacy. In present times, we have realized the importance of life more than ever before… Amardad Amesha Spenta, can help us overcome this difficult time and keep us safe.”

He explained that one could attain the attributes of Amardad Amesha Spenta by following the principles of the first 5 Amesha Spentas, namely – Hormazd / Spenta Mainyu – who looks after the creation of human beings and has the quality of wisdom, and teaches us to treat not just man, but all of God’s creations with kindness and respect; Bahman Amesha Spenta / Vohu Manah – who looks after the animal kingdom and invokes kindness, teaching us to be compassionate towards all animals (not just our pets); Ardibehesht Amesha Spenta – is about righteousness and order – the creation being fire, the physical manifestation of energy that is present in us all; Kshatravairya/Sherevar Amesha Spenta – who looks after the sky, inculcating in us courage to tread the path of righteousness, following the precepts of your own religion; and Spenta Armaity/ Asfandarmad Amesha Spenta – the guardian of our Mother Earth, epitomising the qualities of benevolence, love and holy piety.

Er. Zarrir concluded by thanking the online congregation for participating and blessed them with long life, perfect health and spiritual advancement.

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