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As the year draws to a close, most of us reflecting back on the year that introduced us to the ‘new normal’ cannot help but wonder what tidings 2021 will bring. Yes, we’ve struggled and faced challenges and even great loss. But whatever’s happened, it’s important that this year ends on a positive note, so that we can begin the next chapter on the right foot. In truth, it’s all about perspective. Let’s welcome 2021 by releasing negativity, focusing on gratitude and creating a vision of positive transformation for the New Year, open to every possibility, hope and new beginnings.

We’ve learned a lot from 2020. It’s taught us to be leaders and compassionate friends, to show resilience and still make small sacrifices for the well-being of the world. They say all change is hard in the beginning, a bit messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end. If it isn’t hard, it’s not real change. Now, undeniably, 2020 has been all about change. What’s your year been like? Have you connected with your inner self, have you reconnected with your creativity, have you unearthed a talent that was latent but unexplored? Have you reconnected with old friends or made new ones? Have you tapped a skill making it your little home-spun business or a creative enterprise? No matter how big or small your personal endeavour and growth, the fact that you persisted and could make a difference is a heroic show of perseverance and strength. So, kudos to you and a truly deserved pat on the back!!

 Yes, as always, New Years are all about new resolutions, new purposes to be imbibed into our space, sphere and lives. I’ve personally decided to make mine one with a few positive tweaks for the coming year. All change, improvements and success requires persistence. Small changes make for big differences. Now experts reckon that most failures occur as a result of lack of proper structure to support our behavioural changes. ‘Knowing what to do is not an issue, Committing to it is the problem’!

2021 may just about give us the luxury of time to reinvent ourselves. Maybe, just maybe, it’s our focus and approach that needs a tune-up. I’m pretty certain 2021 is neither going to be a year of unrealistic wants nor overwhelming goals. We were certainly short-changed in 2020, but we’ve all come a long way since.

This year, let’s focus on time – the minutes we breathe, the hours we count and days we enjoy. Set goals and a to-do list to consistently get work done. Dedicate time to prioritizing towards the bigger picture. Instead of writing a lot of goals you can’t achieve, focus on the process that may actually get you closer, and then commit to those encouraging habits. Put timelines to each task and give yourself a deadline to get them done.

Follow daily routines where you can. Peak productivity’s not about luck, it’s about motivation and time management. Stay in the moment. If at times you feel a bit overwhelmed, learn to relax. It might not be because you have so much to do, but rather, because you may be trying to do too much simultaneously! And just maybe, multitasking isn’t for you… and that’s ok too!

In 2021, focus on things within your ‘Picasso Zone’.  Outsource everything you can’t be BIW (Best In the World) at. For all you budding entrepreneurs and dreamers, make the best use of your time and day by setting specific milestones of doable achievements. Remember that it matters not how big or small the goal, it just needs to be well defined. But ensure to celebrate your progress and keep refining it towards a happy, productive year.

If 2020 goes out in history as the year of unprecedented change, let 2021 be marked off as a year of indomitable perseverance! We’ve all been unceremoniously pushed out of our comfort zones this year… hanging on to pure hope, just by the tip of our fingers, while letting fear run amok and loose! Let not the inconvenience of all this change desist you from seeing things differently. If you wish to improve your life, be not fearful, but brave enough to moult out of that skin of complacency. Do things differently this year.

The winter winds are receding, with spring and a fresh year just around the corner. Many may still be lagging, dragging and overall unhappy. Life happens. No doubt we’ve had some wonderful successes, some dreadful failures and tons of stuff in between, but heck, we’ve dealt with it and will continue to do so – no matter what! Coz that’s what we do. Like they say, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’! So no matter what you’re dealing with this year, let’s all jam on a positive vibe. Let’s pick up, piece it together and make it sweet this year. Let’s not waste time on things we cannot control or beyond our ken, instead let’s work on things we can. Our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs – that’s what makes us, defines us. Attitude is contagious, so let’s keep ours positive in the coming year!

From this moment forward, YOU decide. You get to decide what you move toward and what you move away from, how you show up and how you respond. In 2021, you’re allowed to think new thoughts and build new strengths. This is your life, after all. If you need support, ask for it; if you need faith, reach for it; if you need inspiration, work at it! As we welcome the New Year, full of things that have never been, let us dwell in possibility and positivity. What this New Year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the New Year! And yes, we may still have no clue where we are going from here, but I promise you this – it sure isn’t going to be boring!

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