Mah Bokhtar Mah Yazad Beresad – II (The Yasht Series)

Daisy P. Navdar is a teacher by profession and a firm believer in the efficacy of our Manthravani. She is focused on ensuring that the deep significance of our prayers is realized by our youth. She credits her learnings and insights, shared in her articles, to all Zoroastrian priests and scholars whose efforts have contributed towards providing light and wisdom for all Zarthostis.

I invite you to join me as I journey through the wonderful teachings shared in a Khordeh Avesta, which was printed in 1902 – more than a 100 years ago! Authored by Dinbai Sohrabji Engineer, the teachings, stories and notes in this book speak about the various powers of our prayers, while sharing anecdotes of people who have used these prayers and the tremendous achievements that each has accomplished.

“Meditate. Live purely. Be quiet. Do your work with mastery. Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds! Shine!” – Gautama Buddha

Imagine this – a beautiful perfect woman, dressed in raiment of white, shining with her own brilliance, seated on a golden throne. With the lifting of one hand, she commands the tides of all oceans, the cattle kind are drawn to her pristine beauty; In her other hand, she holds the key to the mind of all mankind. She is the bringer of prosperity and she can heal the waters of our body and our planet. For a period of 15 days, her castle is in darkness and for the next 15 days, she turns night into day with her gentle smiling light. Yes, this is the description of Mah Bokhtar – the enigmatic moon!

The castle of darkness belongs to Ahriman and hence Mah Bokhtar gathers all the good deeds done by the people and registers them in the heavens so that during the periods of darkness, we are immune to the onslaught of Ahriman.

From the 11th day, during the waxing period – up to the day of Full Moon (Poornima), is called the period of Vispethrem. This is a powerful period and we must make the most of it by reciting the Mah Bokhtar Yasht / Nyaish. It has the power to bestow great progress and prosperity on the person who recites these prayers. Conducting a Jashan dedicated to Mah Bokhtar brings prosperity and abundance in our lives.

The light of the moon comes from Hormazd. On the command of Pak Dadar Ahura Mazda, the moon has been granted the boon to be able to increase all things. She is the giver of children, trees, dry fruit and cattle. She grants prosperity to the one who recites her Nyaish by asking Dadar Ahura Mazda to shower His grace. Veerya (courage) and Rajak (abundance) ride on the gentle rays of the moon and enter this realm.

The Pole Star (Dhruv Tara) is closely related to the waxing and the waning of moon. It is important to note here that Haftarang, Vanant, Satosh and Teshtar are also other stars that experience periods of waxing and waning and each cycle brings with it, its own special blessing.

To help us overcome the onslaught of a weak or wavering mind, to help us with any disease associated with blood or water in our body and to gain progress and prosperity, we have to make it a regular habit to recite the Mah Bokhtar Nyaish. We cannot even begin to fathom the brilliance of Pak Dadar Ahura Mazda, but through the light of the moon we can catch a glimpse of His powerful glory. Let us work with our manthras so that no one can work against us!

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