Shahpur F. Captain Passes Away

ZTFE Past President and one of the founding leaders of the World Zoroastrian Organization in the United Kingdom, Shahpur Framroze Captain, passed away peacefully at his home in Wilmington, Kent, on 1st December, 2020 (Mah Tir, Roj Rashne). His Uthamna and Charam prayers were performed at the Zoroastrian Centre at the WZO House.

A much loved and respected Zarthosti, Shahpur Captain was known for his largesse, humanitarianism and for his selfless services across the Global Zarthushti community. He had recently celebrated his 91st birthday on 1st November, 2020. He is survived by his wife – Inderjit Chhabra and daughter – Armaiti Bedford, to whom we convey our sincere condolences, on behalf of the Community.

Numerous tributes in praise of his dedication and generosity have been written in his honour. The following are a few excerpts from some of the tributes that celebrate and honour the life and times of Shahpur Framroze Captain…

“Shahpur served the Zoroastrian community in the UK and globally for over 60 years. He was elected to the ZTFE Managing Committee in the 1960s during the presidency of Jehangirji D. Moos.  As a practising Chartered Accountant, Shahpur was quickly appointed (Hon) Treasurer – youngest Treasurer of the ZTFE. Shahpur was elected ZTFE President in 1977 after Dr. (Mrs) Shirinbanoo S. Kutar stepped down. Prior to him being elected President, he held various positions including (Hon) Secretary and Vice President. Shahpur stepping down as ZTFE President in 1986. May Shahpur’s soul rest in Garothman. May his Fravashi inspire others to dedicate themselves to serving the Zoroastrian community.” – Malcolm M. Deboo, ZTFE President.

 “Our dear Shahpur was introduced to us by our aunt Ruby Contractor in 1983 when they visited India with others to create awareness about the establishment of WZO. Since then our friendship with Shahpur blossomed into a very close and fulfilling relationship. It was Shahpur’s vision that WZO undertake community welfare work in India and it was solely due to his enthusiasm, support and guidance that we took the first tentative steps to establish the WZO Trusts in India. It was our good fortune that in the initial years we had Shahpur to fall back on whenever we needed guidance and support. He regularly visited India once every year till 2007 to visit with us, villages in Gujarat, meet beneficiaries and view the transformation taking place in their lives. The humble Parsi farmers remember Shahpur even at present and consider him to be one of their benefactors. Their prayers will resonate with those of many others for the smooth transition of his soul from the physical to spiritual realms.” – Bachi and Dinshaw Tamboly, Chairman, WZO Trust Funds

 “FEZANA is saddened to hear about the passing away of Shahpur Captain, past-Chairman and one of the founding leaders of the World Zoroastrian Organization in the United Kingdom. Shahpur Captain was a dear friend of FEZANA and we join the community in passing our condolences to his family, and to WZO. Garothman Behest Shahpurji.” – FEZANA

 “Shahpur truly had a heart of a gold for providing humanitarian serviceS to our Global Zarthushti community as well as humanity. His dedicated service to ZTFE and WZO (as the Founding President and Chairman) was selfless. May Ahura Mazda bless his soul with everlasting peace as he now resides in the realm of eternal life, and give his family the solace to bear this loss.” Meher Amalsad, Founder – Iranshah Initiative.

 “I had known Shahpurji for over three decades. He had strong qualities of leadership and was sincere, meticulous and passionate about everything he took on in life. He was always helpful to those who sought his guidance or assistance.” – BPP Trustee Noshir Dadrawala.

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