The IranShah Initiative Inspiration With Vision 2020 IranShah: Our Emblem Of Freedom – Free To Be A Zarthushti

Humanity Wakes Up In Different Times And In Different Ways. Humanity woke up two and half millennia ago in ancient Persia (Iran) with Cyrus the Great freeing slaves in Babylon and issuing the First Charter of Human Rights. This legacy since has continued to inspire all Zarathushtis across the world.

Our Ancestors In Iran, lived with the motto:

“I am Free To Be Free, I Am Free To Be Me,

I am Free To Be A Zarathushti

I have the freedom to choose

And, I have the freedom to choose wisely.”

That is the emblem of freedom they carried with them when they migrated from our spiritual motherland Iran to our adopted fatherland India.

Freedom To Serve Ourselves With Responsibility As Well As Others With Dignity… so we can continue to live what we are known for – ‘Zarthushti Thy Name Is Charity’. Keeping in mind that ‘True Service Is Between Services’.

The Light Of IranShah guides us with the understanding that Freedom Is Our Right To Be Wrong, And Not Our Right To Do Wrong. Because True FREEDOM Comes When we FREE Ourselves from DOM-inating Others, And when we FREE Ourselves from being DOM-inated by others.

But somehow, we have misused the essence of this FREEDOM. YOUR FREEDOM STOPS, WHEN IT STEPS ON MY FREEDOM.

If Freedom is to give expression to whatever creative thought, word or deed comes in my mind, without anyone having to say anything about it, then that makes me the Slave Of Every Single Thought That Comes Through MY Mind! That is the opposite of inner freedom.

Freedom is not only in what we do, But also in how we choose to be. Freedom is a state of being, Not just a matter of doing. The most important type of freedom is the freedom to be what one truly is – without fear or fetter.

Celebrate Your Freedom! If you are happy regardless of your circumstances – that’s freedom! Our Ancestors came to India with the Flame Of Iranshah in their hearts that carried the energy to build the synergy of freedom.

Inherent V/s Inherited… Freedom lies in understanding which one needs to be decoded – What you have Inherited Or What is Inherent in you.

May The Solutions Be Brought Forward For Which They Came For…

Let The Preservation Of Our Sacred IranShah

Be Guided By This Inspiration With Vision 2020! 

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