The Power Of Positivity!

Infinite riches are all around you if you’ll open your mental-eyes and see the treasure-house within you from which you can extract everything you need to live your life joyously and abundantly. Many of us are fast asleep with their mental-eyes shut and hence, they are blissfully unaware of this goldmine of boundless treasure within them.

This goldmine of boundless treasure is called Positivity – or the power of positive thinking. Most people indulge in ‘what if’, ‘I’m sure to fail’ and ‘It’s beyond me’. They go through a life of ‘ifs and buts’. If you are reading this and if you’re one of them, STOP!! Stop right here, right now and promise yourself that you’ll eliminate such negative thoughts of defeat and failure.

There are two types of people – persons who are full of confidence, faith and positivity, who ‘know’ that they are bound to succeed if they ‘try their best and leave to God the rest’, and persons who are ‘doubting Thomases’. This second category of persons are full of fears and doubts and imaginary failures. Such people don’t get very far in life because they have already decided sub-consciously that they are failures in life.

Everyone deserves health, happiness, good relationships with family and friends, peace of mind, security, creativity and joy. However, a lot of us fail in these. Karma also plays its part since we get everything within the limitations of our Karma. Hence, it follows logically that a punyashali soul will get much more than others due to its collected punyas or good deeds.

However, we cannot sit back and take refuge saying – my naseeb is bad, it’s my fate, kismat and destiny to be a failure in life. You’ll be surprised to know that fate, kismat, naseeb, taqdeer, destiny -call it what you want, are entirely self-created and self-earned, whether by positive thoughts, which we call ‘good-luck’ or by negative-thinking, which we call ‘bad-luck’. Refusing to see the connection between your positive and negative thinking and the events in your personal life, doesn’t cross out its existence.

This is because we live a two-fold life – an outer material life and an inner mental-life which is made up of our positive and negative thoughts. These thoughts, whether positive or negative, may take years, centuries or even a future lifetime to materialize, but ultimately, they do.

The world that you don’t see, which is the unseen world of your thoughts, is the real world of “Causes” and the world you experience daily, is the world of “Effects”. Whatever thoughts we throw out, positive or negative are ultimately thrown back at us as fate, destiny, naseeb, kismat or taqdeer. If you feel helpless, fearful, frustrated, defeated and unhappy, that will be the sort of things that keep appearing in your life. On the other hand, if you are positive and patient (Saibaba’s Shraddha and Saburi), be sure that nice things will happen to you.

Of course, we all have difficulties, set-backs and tragedies in life. We have all experienced ‘The dark night of the soul’ when we are so sad that it’s impossible to think positively. What does on do then? Two things. First remember that Nothing is permanent. Hence, neither happiness nor unhappiness last forever. They follow each other like night and day – kabhi khushi, kabhi ghum. This idea itself will lift you up like a shot of freshly-brewed coffee!

After hanging on to this thought, tell yourself – This too shall pass. Think about this and think positively about the future. Tell yourself that tomorrow will be better than today. It Will be! I have tried it several times myself, and it works most of the times, once again, within your Karmic limitations. My karmas were such that years ago, my left-eye had to be removed for retinal-cancer, which was galloping to the brain. Ok – I quickly accepted the fact that I’m blind in one eye and made up my mind to use my one and only (ek-puri-laarki) other eye to write beautiful spiritual and humorous articles for thousands of anonymous readers in various publications to spread happiness and collect good karma for the future!

Today we are all going through tough-times due to Covid 19. Everyone is affected at various levels. Everyone faces challenges – but these aren’t permanent – nothing is! Just as we overcame other challenges in life, we are sure to come out of this ‘Corona’ with flying colours – into a whole new ecologically conscious world where, hopefully, people are kinder to each other. We have different experiences in different lifetimes. I’ll tell you how…

We bring with us our old tendencies with each new birth, renew great loves, grand friendships, loyalties, betrayals, face again the problems of old enmities, suffer or enjoy our just desserts and drink from the cup of life’s experiences. All this brings wisdom. After several lifetimes, when we have moved up and down the ladder from a ragged beggar to a bejewelled king, when we have been tantalized and disillusioned, when we have burnt our fingers because of wrong-doings or have benefited by doing good, we understand karma.

We are all products of our unseen past experiences. Thus, if we are ‘helpless’ creatures of our past, we are also ‘hopeful’ creatures of our future through POSITIVITY!

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