From the Editors Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Dear Readers,

If we should step back and glance, from the bird’s eye-view, at the current ongoings in the world, it would be impossible to miss the striking similarities echoed by various nations, with regard to leadership and leaders.

The greater part of the past decade has been dominated with global news about growing unrest and apprehension amongst citizens, who are made to endure and struggle under a rising sense of dictatorship and intolerance, exhibited by world leaders. A recent study has listed, amongst other world leaders – Putin (Russia), Trump (USA), Xi Jinping (China/Hong Kong), Kim Jong-un (Korea), Bolsonaro (Brazil), Erdoğan (Turkey) and even India under PM Modi, as ‘world leaders who don’t justify their leaderships’.

Perhaps, all this global turmoil, which had been building up to a crescendo, found its climax in the unleashing of the novel coronavirus on humanity. Maybe it takes a pandemic to restore the pandemonium; to hit ‘reset’ and bring in a new world order – empowered with an extra-fortified ‘new normal’.

Hopefully, the recent change of leadership in the USA, which brings as much relief to its own citizens as to those globally, will set the right precedent for the rest of the world.

Leaders determine the destiny of nations – they’re the visionaries and decision-makers who shape and deliver a nation’s progress. Be it our nation or our community, the same holds true – we trust our elected leaders to deliver progress and welfare. But when the fundamentals and functionings of leadership get compromised, everyone suffers.

As India commemorates her 72nd Republic Day next week, let us hope that our national as well as our community leaders will uphold and protect the true essence of Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity… and Trusteeship.

Here’s looking forward to better times ahead, as citizens of a great nation and members of the world’s most glorious community, under an enhanced and revitalised leadership in the new world.

Have a good weekend and Happy Republic Day!

– Anahita


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