Let Me Sacrifice Myself At The Altar Of Service

Dasturji Dr. Manekji Naserwanji Dhalla.

Man comes not to the world just for his own good, but for the good of all mankind. He has to work unswervingly for the amelioration of the many ills which afflict all living beings. The ideal of life for man is to forget himself in his service to his fellowmen. He has to serve for the sake of service, without craving for any reward and without repining when he receives no return. He has to deny himself even more willingly to bear the burdens of others. Every one has to pledge his life to all, for the good of one is the good of all.

Let my thoughts be for others. Let my whole mind and whole heart go into my work for the good of others. Let me find pleasure in pleasing others. Let me care for others more than for myself. Let me not be indifferent to the welfare of others. Let me deny myself something, that I can give it to the needy and the neglected. Let me never descend from self-denial to self-indulgence. Let me die to myself, that I may live for others.

Zarathushtra, my beloved prophet, says that happiness comes to that man who makes others happy. Faithfully will I strive to live up to that ideal. I will find my pleasure in pleasing others. I will find my happiness in making others happy. I will spend my all and I will spend myself that others may be happy. I will make others happy, before happiness comes to me. I will rejoice in the happiness of my neighbors. I will deny myself that others around me may be happy.

There is joy to receive what life gives us. But greater indeed is the joy to give from what life gives us. I will not always look to reward for what I do. Let it not be said of me that I do nothing for nothing. Let me do something for nothing. I will serve for the love of service.

I pray for help, Ahura Mazda, that I may be better equipped to serve both Thee and Thy children. Fill my heart with compassion and tenderness for the weak and the weary. Give me soft and sympathetic heart that feels and grieves for the sorrowing and suffering. My life is not my own. Thou hast given it to me that I may live it for others. Give me health and give me vigor, that all the better I may offer my body and my mind and my spirit in serving Thee and Thine. I will serve my fellow human beings for Thee and in Thee with all my will and all my strength for all the days of my life, Ahura Mazda!

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