Let Not Power Be The Ruling Passion Of The Nations

Dasturji Dr. Manekji Naserwanji Dhalla.

Frail is human nature. Greed, jealously and envy have all throughout the periods of history kept the nations fighting one another. The strong exploits the weak. Wealth is the winning post towards which all run a frenzied race. Pelf is rated higher than piety everywhere. The fire of racialism and nationalism is fanned and kept burning all around. Periodic wars on ever-growing gigantic scale work havoc and fill the world with destruction, desolation and death. As a nation we do despicable deeds of cruelty in the time of war, which we would shudder to think of as individuals in times of peace. Modern warfare shakes the earth with terror that neither tongue nor pen can tell.

Let not the relations between nations be based on force. We cannot force the hearts of our neighbors by power, but we can win them by love. Let those that are the rulers of the destinies of the masses seek to found the basis of their power in the affections of their peoples and share their cares and anxieties and sorrows. Let them be all mercy and tenderness to the distressed and disheartened. Let them lighten the load of poverty that oppresses the poor and the destitute.

Let us not strive to win our bread and pile up fortunes for ourselves in a way that what is our gain becomes the loss of our neighbors. Let us not fly at one another’s throats and fight like dogs quarrelling over a bone. Let us not callously break the laws of equity.

Let us not be sulky, when we lose our game. Let us not be jealous of the happiness that our neighbors enjoy and which we are not blessed with. Let us large-heartedly endure the success of others, where we fail. Let not our thoughts be wholly for ourselves. Let us think of others too. Let us do anything and everything that may help all mankind.

The holy prophets of the world have with clarion voice, preached that: “Happiness is his, who makes others happy.”

Thou, the Creator, hast not left Thy children fatherless. Thou dost guard and protect all, as the shepherd tends his flock. Let us die to ourselves, that we may live for others. Let us be well-wishers of human kind, regardless of their caste or colour or creed. Let not the salvation of our ownselves be a fetish with us. Let us work for the uplift and saving of others. Let all men be brothers and all women be sisters. With all our will and all our might, let us serve all members of the one great human family. Help us, Ahura Mazda, so to live our lives that Thy heavenly peace may descend upon earth!

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