Letters to the Editor

Let’s Strive For PEACE, HARMONY And HAPPINESS In 2021.

There is nothing more worth having in this world, than peace in our minds. We have and can achieve everything when there is peace within. The seeds of happiness are planted in our hearts before we are born. Sprinkling them with loving thoughts, they sprout and the meadow of our life blooms with blossoms of happiness.

Desire to gain wealth, power and fame are the causes of sorrow and misery in our lives. Who knew it better than Prince Siddharth (Buddha), who was brought up the lap of luxuries but left all his worldly belongings behind and went in pursuit of real happiness. How do we get that illusive happiness?

The more freely we pour happiness in other’s cup, the fuller and sweeter our cup of happiness becomes!

We are born to be happy. The universe, that our God has created for us, is a spectacular world of colours, even as the birds chant joyous songs, the beautiful flowers spread fragrance all around, the gentle breeze kissing and caressing our parched souls – all this makes our hearts dance with joy!

There is abundance of happiness in the universe – only we need to possess a heart big enough to want to share. If notes from different musical instruments played simultaneously can create a sweet harmonious melody, why can’t our community members with different views live in harmony too?

When our mind, body and heart are in perfect harmony, then our thoughts, words and actions will bring us a state of perfect bliss! Looking forward, we all can live in peace and harmony in 2021 by following these simple rules:

1) Seek To Love, Without Expectations Of Rewards: Love, to a human heart, is like sunshine to a flower. First and foremost, let your heart be filled with love, as only a loving heart spreads love all around. When the Power of Love overpowers the Love of Power, there will be peace, harmony and happiness in the world.

2) Show Tolerance: Being tolerant of others allows us to appreciate the diversity and avoid conflicts. It gives a free will to build healthy and lasting relationships. The golden rule is to treat others as we would like them to treat us.

3) Seek Forgiveness, Not Revenge: Forgiveness helps us to wipe off the hurt and guilt that has been haunting us for whatever reasons, for however long. It allows us to look forward to a happy future! Forgiveness is the ultimate victory, setting us free – allowing us to enjoy life in peace and harmony. If you want to live with freedom today and in the days to come, empower yourself with the powerful ability to forgive.

4) Speak Gently And Thoughtfully: ‘What’ we say to convey peace is as important, as ‘How’ we say it. Speaking kindly, gently and thoughtfully, with others is a show of respect, and this will help us to build harmonious relations with others, even if we are not in unison with our beliefs or outlooks.

4) Realize Your Self Worth, And Live In Joy: If you cannot love and respect yourself, no one else can make it happen. Do what you like to do and find happiness in your work or profession. Valuing, nurturing and loving your unique self, will raise your spirit and give you confidence to fulfil your cherished dreams. Remember, when you feel happy, you make others happy and collectively, we make this universe a happier place to live in!

May 2021 bring our community much happiness, unity and harmony!

By Piroja Jokhi

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