Webinar On Interpretations Of Zarathushtra’s Teachings By Dr. Karishma Koka

Dr. Karishma Koka, the Co-founder of the Ultimate Achievements Academy (London, UK) will conduct a Webinar themed, ‘Interpretations Of Assho Zarathustra’s Teachings In The Gathas With Relevance To Business And Entrepreneurship’ next month.

In the Gathas, Dr. Karishma finds Neuro-Cognitive guidance that applies to the essence of the changing times. She finds messages for converting challenges to opportunities. In Asho Zarathustra’s thoughts and words, she finds the principles of Sustainable Development, Entrepreneurship to build beyond available resources and guidance for joyfully working together for the Good of All. Dr. Karishma will explain and discuss how the ancient and timeless Tenets and Principles have withstood the test of time and is applicable to all Peoples the World over, in all aspects of personal and professional life.

In 2012 Dr. Karishma Koka co-founded the Ultimate Achievements Academy with her mother, applying the principles from Neuroscience to Learning and Development in the Academic and Executive World. They help empower people through Neuroscience-based Holistic Life Coaching and Executive Training with knowledge and belief in the good in themselves and others, building confidence and self-esteem to add value to lives of others and achieve excellent results all though life. Recently, Dr. Karishma has founded the ‘Ba Humata’ project, aimed at building Global Fellowship with all global Zarathushti Associations to share Zoroastrian Tenets and Principles and their application in personal and professional day-to-day life.

She has learned the principles from her grandfather Ervad Noshirwanji Pestonji Panthaki (son of Dasturji Pestonji Noshirwanji Panthaki, late Dasturji of Sir J.J Agiary, Pune), Mobed Mehraban Firouzgary (High Priest of Iran), Mobed Soli P. Dastur (USA), Ervad Dr. Ramiyar Karanjia (India) and the writings of Ervad K.E Kanga, Dasturji N. D Minocheherhomjee, Dasturji M. N Dhalla and Ervad Sir J. J. Modi among others.

After a BSc. in Chemistry, Environmental Science and Biology, Karishma did an M Sc. (Research) in Computational Neuroscience and Molecular Biology from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Bangalore. She was selected to do a PhD at the University of Cambridge, Neuroscience Programme, on Scholarship from Cambridge, Nehru and British Government Trusts. Her Post-Doctoral work at the Medical Research Council, London was on Stem Cells in the Brain and Learning & Development. Dr. Karishma believes strongly in and supports the Zarathushti Faculty Network, while being a member of the ZTFE (London). She believes that Social, Economic and Knowledge Entrepreneurship work effectively at the Global level of Fellowship with Zarathushti Tenets.

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