Don’t Miss The Second ‘Ba Humata’ Webinar!

The ‘Ba Humata’ Webinar is a Prayer, Leadership and Entrepreneurship Global Webinar series  on ‘Prayer with Action and Action with Prayers’, where our worldwide community’s  leading priests, leaders and entrepreneurs share their wisdom, insights and guiding principle for the welfare of community members across the globe.

After the tremendous success of the first Webinar, Ba Humata brings you the much-awaited second Webinar with the theme – ‘Building Happiness With The Consciousness Of Righteousness (Ashem Vohu)’, on 7th February, 2021, featuring the Global Zarathushti icons – Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor (India); Mobed Zerkxis Bhandara (USA); Dorab Mistry OBE (Singapore, UK) and youth icon Danny Master (UK), along with founder, host and moderator of the Ba Humata web-series – Dr. Karishma Koka (Ph.D), Neuro-scientist from Cambridge University (UK)

You are requested to reserve your time for the same.


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