By: Zareen J. Engineer., granddaughter of Mancherji  E Joshi. President of Mancherji Joshi Resident’s Assn., President of M.E. Joshi Education Fund, Member of Parsi Central Assn. Co-op. Housing Soc. Ltd.

Anahita Desai Will Make A Wonderful BPP Trustee!

I have seen Anahita working with so many different groups for so many community projects, that I have often wondered how she manages to handle everything so efficiently. Whether it is a youth activity or a senior citizen one; helping small scale entrepreneurs, organising community events, or a personal problem faced by a troubled community member; she not only makes time for all, but what is more important, she delivers results.

Although Anahita does not reside in Dadar Parsi Colony herself, she had still supported and lent Dadar a helping hand for protecting our five gardens and other open spaces in Dadar Parsi Colony. Such is her nature – to extend help, to all worthy endeavours.

The BPP needs to be strengthened with trustees who will not compromise on our religious practices and will work for the upliftment of our less fortunate. Anahita is one such person.

For all the above reasons, I feel that Anahita Desai is truly deserving of Bombay Parsi Punchayet trusteeship and that her presence on the BPP Board will enhance the working of the BPP.



By: Trustees of Sodawaterwalla Agiary

[Dinshaw Variava; Capt. Percy Master; Limji Nanabhoy; Burzis Taraporevala]

We the undersigned Trustees of Sodawaterwalla Agiary, wholeheartedly support Anahita Desai’s candidature for the forthcoming BPP elections.

As a co-Trustee, we deeply appreciate her dedication and commitment to our Agiary. When we were faced with an unfortunate incident at our Agiary a couple of years ago, it was Anahita who proactively defused this explosive situation with sensitivity and worked out a practical resolution. Our Agiary is presently being repaired and Anahita has been instrumental to a large extent for initiating and co-ordinating the repairs.

We are sure that in electing Anahita, the community will get a very honest and hard-working Trustee.



By: Shirin Katgara – Member of Ladies Committee, Parukh Dharamshala


I, Shirin Katgara, am with Anahita Desai on the Ladies Committee of the F. S. Parukh Dharamshalla, a BPP run home for underprivileged and aging Parsis.

During my association with her, I have found her to be extremely practical and kind and someone who finds immediate solutions to long standing problems. She is very much a go getter.

Anahita is also very knowledgeable about the functioning of the BPP and knows its staff, both added qualities that would make her the ideal trustee.

It’s been a pleasure working with her over the years.



 By: Dr. Anahita Pundole – Gynaecologist with a special interest in infertility management, started The Bombay Parsi Punchayet Fertility Project in collaboration with the BPP, is associated with the Jiyo Parsi Scheme, committed environmentalist and activist.

Anahita Desai and I share not only a first name – we share an involvement in community affairs, and a history of activism – the difference being that my activism is city based, while Anahita’s is community based.

My involvement in community projects includes the Fertility project, and the Jiyo Parsi program, which Anahita has consistently lent strong support to. Anahita Desai’s involvement in community affairs is much larger. In fact, it is all-encompassing, and all praise-worthy!  Reams have already been written about her commitment to our community, her activism aimed at preserving our traditions and her compassion for those in need, which I have seen first hand in some of the worthy projects she has undertaken to benefit community members.

Instead of repeating all those praises here, I would like to convey my respect for Anahita’s work by publicly exhorting everyone who values my opinion – family, friends and community members at large, to cast aside their indifference, and despite their past disappointment/s with the BPP, to step out on election day (14th March) to cast their vote for Anahita Desai.

Anahita has the capacity and the will to change the face of the BPP, to one we can all be proud of!



By: Mithoo Jimi Jesia, DPC

I have known of Anahita, or rather about Anahita over the last one decade, but I actually came to know her in the last ten months. She is a committed and dedicated community worker. I know of several positive incidents of her having gone out of the way to reach out to the poor within the community – a quality primarily desired in a Trustee. I feel that Anahita being elected as a Trustee to our Apex body will certainly add value to the Board. I wish her all success.



By: Hosi Dastur, Trustee Wadiaji Atash Behram and Boyce Fire Temple

I have known Anahita for a number of years and what I can say with certainty is that she is a committed and empathetic social worker, who has dedicated herself to the work and welfare of our community.  I recollect the days when Anahita wholeheartedly participated in and supported the cause of our Wadiaji and Anjuman Atash Behrams, including, organizing massive rallies of community members whose support was vital for our case. By her actions over the years and her track record she has proven beyond doubt that she indeed is a deserving candidate for the position of Trustee of the Bombay Parsi Panchayat. I hereby endorse her candidature and call upon our Parsi Irani community members to come out in large numbers in her support.



By: N K Dhabhar Cancer Foundation

To Whom So Ever It May Concern

The N K Dhabhar Cancer Foundation (NKDCF) is a registered non-profit organization based in Mumbai. At the foundation we recognize the needs of cancer patients and strive to provide them with clinical and emotional support, thereby improving their quality of life. Our endeavor is to promote and integrate cancer treatment for every patient whether curable, palliative or terminal, as we believe every person has a right to live with care and dignity, at any stage of cancer.

One of NKDCFs very important objective is Early Detection of Cancer. Our focus is on Breast Cancer Detection. The screening is done using one of a kind device called IBreast Exam (IBE). This is a completely safe and no invasion procedure and has been approved by the US FDA.

As we all know Breast Cancer occurs at a very high rate in the Parsi Community. Mrs. Anahita Y. Desai from WAPIZ approached us with the request of conducting Breast Screening Camps for Parsi Ladies at all the Parsi Baugs & Colonies. Ms. Anahita has undertaken the project along with NKDCF to provide free and noble service to safeguard the Community’s ladies from an ailment which seems to be on the rise.

With the very successful first camp held at Godrej Baug on 12th May, 2019, other camps were conducted at Bharucha Baug – Andheri, Navroze Baug – Lalbaug, Rustom Baug – Byculla and CJ Colony – Tardeo in the months of May/November 2019 and February 2020. Unfortunately, due to the current Pandemic we were not able to conduct any further camps but once things normalize we will be restarting these camps.

 We would like to congratulate Anahita for her dedication towards the community and wish that she continues her good work.

 Best Wishes,

Dr. Pouruchisti

Founding Trustee

N K Dhabhar Cancer Foundation

Dr. Khurshid


N K Dhabhar Cancer Foundation




By: Homai Daruwalla, Chairperson, Zoroastrian Bank;

Former Chairperson and Managing Director of Central Bank of India

For over two decades now, Anahita Desai has courageously and constantly stood by our community members and all our community causes that are integral to us. She not only represents the beacon of hope for our underprivileged humdins, but she delivers completely as well – always helping those in need. She has repeatedly proven to be the frontrunner when it comes to protecting the welfare of the community and its religious sentiments and practices, and has spearheaded numerous such causes.

What stands out most for me, is that she has selflessly and with single-minded focus, dedicated her life to the community, and worked for its members, immaterial of any position/platform of authority to do her work from. She is lured neither by politics nor power. She is simply driven by her sense of community service as a true Zarthosti, guided by her good thoughts, words and deeds, which she has always employed to help others in need. This is the leadership quality we seek in a BPP Trustee.

She has already made such a massive difference in the lives of innumerable Parsi /Irani Zarthostis and her presence on the BPP Board will further empower the great community work she has been doing – quantitatively and qualitatively. As a BPP Trustee, she will be of great value in keeping with her comprehensive knowledge and first-hand experiences in community service.

I urge all my fellow Zarthostis to come out in large numbers and vote for Anahita Desai – let us ensure that we elect a deserving leader who will do complete justice to her position and her responsibilities as a representative of the community. I wish Anahita Desai the very best in the elections and look forward to seeing her inducted as a BPP Trustee next month!

Dear community members, 

I have had 4 Election Meetings till date at various colonies, in order to personally interact with all of you.

All necessary precautions were taken and standard operating procedures outlined by the government were strictly followed at all these meetings including restricting the number of attendees.

Unfortunately, this week, the rise in Covid cases has prompted the Govt. to issue a new directive restricting any gathering – social, religious, political or cultural. Due to this new directive, I have to cancel all further meetings which had been scheduled.

I was looking forward to visiting the various Baugs and interacting with many more of you, but that will not be possible now. I will continue to communicate with you through the media – newspapers and social media and am always available to you on the phone to answer any queries you might have, or help you might need.

Yours sincerely,
Anahita Desai

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