Excitement And Support Pours In For Anahita Desai!

To community members, the name ‘Anahita Desai’ is synonymous to ‘selfless, community service’.

Over the past two decades, Anahita has stood out as the beacon of hope to many helpless and underprivileged members of our community, and every single time, she has gone beyond her call of duty as a Zarthosti to help them. Her unflinching commitment to community service, coupled with her visionary outlook towards the betterment and welfare of the community, and her ever-growing popularity, makes her the undisputed frontrunner in the race of the BPP elections, as a candidate for Trusteeship. She is a grass-root level worker, who is known for fearlessly upholding religious traditions and community causes.

It was therefore, not surprising, that sharing her introduction on Facebook’s famous ‘Worldwide Zoroastrians’ page, a few days ago, received an overwhelming 500 + comments from supporters across India and the world! “I am extremely grateful to all for their love and support,” said Anahita. Here is a limited sample of the avalanche of responses she received…

[Pic – Anahita Desai with Candidate Number under the Pic in BOLD]

Also – have different background colours in boxes, for the following vouches:

Behnaz Patel: You are class apart dear Anahita. A very strong person, dedicated to the cause of upliftment of the downtrodden. All the very best for all your endeavours.

Kazveen Pardiwala: I urge the community members to come up and vote for the right candidate who has been working since years for our community with sheer dedication and commitment….I urge my youth, my elders to definitely see the betterment of our community…I do not see anyone as capable, as committed and as sincere to stand for this election than Anahita Mam. Please definitely vote for Anahita Desai mam as she is the right candidate.

 Daisy Naterwalla: Sure, a good soul!!! We pray that you win with super flying colours. Thank you for all the help. And for always being there and talking and replying to people, as and when they needed you or had any problem. Very rare to find people who are so down to earth.

 Cyrus Malia: The best candidate – sincere, dedicated, accessible to all, at all times. Will add value to the present board. One and all should vote for her.

Daisy Chokshi: Wishing U all success in your work. Proud of the Woman Empowerment which u symbolize. Carry on the good work entrusted to you through your husband and years of good social service, to our community. We hope u will make us proud, though surrounded by fools & puppets. God bless U.

Mahrukh Jassawalla: You are the epitome of womanhood….simply…THE BEST….Women……Think n Feel…from their heart and soul…..you will emerge with flying colours…no two ways about it…..Period!!!! Our heartfelt Congratulations in Advance.

Havovy Kotwal: You husband and you were truly a trustworthy couple rare to find and rarely appreciated. God Bless you in all your future ventures.

Coomie Sam Kasad: All the best Dear Anahita; All along, you have silently and peacefully served the community. You are sincere in your efforts. We hope and pray, you are elected n also be our Chairperson in BPP. What this world/community needs is more honest and sincere people like you…. All the very best.

Ketty Sutaria: Dear Anahita I have always supported Yazdi for his excellent work towards community welfare. And now I pray to almighty to give you strength n good luck for your future endeavor.

Polly Nagwaswalla: I am glad that you decided to stand for election. You are right candidate for becoming trustee. You are available 24/7 for anybody any time that is the best quality. You are well aware of duties of trustee (You have worked with Yazdi n helped him in his work in past). I am sure by electing you, community will get most suitable trustee for BPP after decades. Good Luck n God Bless you to serve community….

Dinaz Farokh Mojia: Anahita is the most dedicated, responsible, dynamic above all a good human being. She has got leadership quality in her. She is the most deserving candidate with experience for BPP trustee.. Good Luck Anu. God bless!

 Hoshedar Elavia: Right chance for you to show that you mean business. All of us should feel that this time we made our vote count for the first time.

Yasmin Parvez Bajan: Wishing you all the very best for the forthcoming BPP elections! The Community is fortunate to have you as our guiding star…. May you shine bright always! Amen!!

Roshan Sigley: Anahita wish you all the best and you will need it. From my recollection growing up in Bombay in a Mobed family, I often used to hear my father talk about the most corrupt and heartless BPP trustees who couldn’t care a hoot about poverty stricken Parsees or Mobeds who are still poor to this day and cannot find accommodation through BPP. They are politically motivated and of course quite rich people. Stand up to them and show what you are made of. Unfortunately, I cannot stand with you side by side due to 9000 miles away in UK. I await your result.

Mitchell Engineer: U r the best. U have been very helpful to all always and u deserve this. Ur actions are stronger than ur words. Thank you for everything u have done for us till date.

Minoo Siganporia: …Inspite of your personal circumstances you stepped in to serve the community. It speaks volumes about your character and integrity. Make the difference in the BPP board please. “Good people are like Street Lights along the Roads. They don’t make the Distance short but they Light up the Path & make the Walk Easy & Safe”. And my best wishes for Yazdi’s GODSPEED recovery.

Yashna Dadachanji: One Name with Abundant Qualities like HARDWORKING, HONESHT, HELPFUL, CARING, LOVING, ENERGETIC, GENEROUS, ETC. ETC….. Totally committed to the Responsibilities… The QUEEN of the Entire Zoroastrian Community… Is None Other Than Our ANU Anahita Desai

Yasmin Mistry: All the best Anahita. You are the right person for serving our community and needy Parsis. I wish all Good wishes to you & God Bless you always.

Percy Lentin: Anahita is best person for trustees of BPP. Community needs a person like her she will be the best trustee in BPP. No other person can be compared to her. Best of best.

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