Sharpen Your Edge: The Twins Of Wins!!

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Charisma and Humility are the attractive twins that rampart your success. Charisma, however, tends to get attracted to Arrogance and loses out. Humility, likewise, gets bestraddled with muted Reticence, and loses out too! Wrong marriages!!

Charisma without Humility has a short shelf-life, for it has a tendency beyond a point, to start walking on marshy land and self-destruct. Self-boasting becomes a natural outcome. Humility without Charisma will find it difficult, unaided to climb the tall stairways of success. You will be respected, but not adored, for you will tend to always position always below the radar.

Without both – Charisma and Humility – one is a non- starter. Neither a winner in the short run, nor a winner in the long run!

A bad marriage, they say, is worse than a no marriage… and I agree. If Charisma and Humility are not in love…fair. Better they don’t get married. But if Charisma marries Arrogant/Pride and Humility marries Reticence, then Disaster is guaranteed!!

Humility is a very critical behavioural value, and, in combination with Charisma, it makes for a fantastic set of values for leadership success. Charisma, on the one hand, provides one’s Personality a sharpened edge to influence and inspire action from followers. Humility, on the other hand, reflects modesty through an unassuming style. Despite being very successful, the person does not throw his weight around or misbehave or boast of his power or prowess.

Charisma and Humility when bonded together, give you that coveted ‘Midas’ touch of leadership. Whatever you do with them is bound to become precious, in a way. A successful, humble leader merges seamlessly with the team such that it would become very difficult for an outsider to determine, merely by looking and observing behaviours, whilst the group is transacting, as to who the leader is. No power dressing, no shouting, no screaming, no insistence on compliance with his commands, no harsh words. No power exhibits.

The idea prompting such a leader is to serve. Such a leader is a ‘Servant Leader’ and being so,  the leader is a ‘servant first’ – focussing on the needs of others, especially the team members first, before focussing on fulfilling his own needs, which come up last for service.

One has therefore to befriend ‘Wisdom’ to be able to bond and hold these two ‘Twins of Wins’ together and then see the magic they create! 

Our search for our leaders is on in our community too. We need Competency, Charisma and Humility. We have some good candidates. And in our search of such leaders, may Ahura Mazda bless us!


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