From the Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

The Joke’s On Us… Again!

Dear Readers,

We just can’t seem to help it – we simply have to end up making fools of ourselves on a national platform, regularly. Only, this time, it’s about the disagreement regarding the BPP elections.

I find two issues most disparaging… firstly, the fact that our leaders are unable to communicate effectively enough so that they can at least agree to disagree (when not in unison, which is usually the case) and as a result, they resort to either flaunting dirty laundry in the national media, or they head to the courts. In either case, the community loses.

When our issues are thrashed in public via national dailies every so often, we continue chipping away at the hard-earned reputation and glory that our forefathers built… thereby denigrating their sacrifice, their legacy and their dreams for this community. And litigations just keep increasing the financial toll on a trust which has anyways been cash-strapped for a while. This money, wasted on court cases – where we fight each other, ironically for the same cause, ‘the good of the community’ – could surely be employed towards so many community causes that are wanting for funds. It makes one wonder – is all this opposition really about the ‘good of the community’ or just a veiled attempt at validating personal agendas and egos?

The second disparaging issue is the increasing indifference within community members towards the affairs of the community. We all seem to be too smugly marinated in entitlement and/or apathy to take a genuine interest or raise a collective voice. There could be no greater nemesis for our future than this heady combination of a disunited leadership and an indifferent community. As long as we don’t work together towards changing this equation, the joke will always be on us.

Think about it.

– Anahita

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