‘Good Deeds Project’- An Inspirational Initiative By Pearl Tirandaz

Across centuries, a number of women have become a source of strength and inspiration to others, carving their niche and leaving their mark on society, with the hope of making a difference for future generations to follow… Pearl Tirandaz is one such multi-faceted and dynamic woman who has successfully donned multiple hats, even as she champions multiple capacities on a personal and professional level! All it takes is the genuine desire within, to make a difference in the lives of others. Insomuch, Pearl leads the way…

A popular personality and youth icon of our community, Pearl is as vibrant as she is affable, filled with wisdom, hope, courage, ambition and determination. She’s a frontrunner when it comes to working towards the welfare of the community, especially guiding our youth towards greater success. More recently, her inspiring venture, which she terms the ‘Good Deeds Project’, has been making a difference in the lives of many and gaining much appreciation. Celebrating the occasion of International Woman’s Day, Parsi Times Reporter, Binaisha M. Surti brings to you an exclusive tête-à-tête with Pearl Tirandaz and her venture – The Good Deeds Project, her mission, goals and vision for the future to make life more beautiful and meaningful.

PT: Tell us about your formative years. What does the term ‘Good Deed’ mean to you?

Pearl: I began working at a very young age, way before most of my friends from college. Through my profession, I travelled the world and experienced some of its harsh realities. I wondered even then how one could have an expensive meal in a restaurant, while on the other side of the window, there were street children with an empty belly, contently playing around with their broken toys. I increasingly realized that I needed to do something for those who were less fortunate than me. To me, the term, ‘Good Deed’, encompasses many facets of giving back to society and the environment. It is just as you would read it – A Good Deed, which if done by one and all, would make for a wonderful world!

PT: You’re known for your plentiful participation and contributions in various social service programs and helpful activities. Could you throw some light on these? How would you describe your core competencies?

Pearl: It took me years to create an environment around myself, to help me do the work that I do today. I have had the good fortune to work with several NGOs including Seva Sadan; BJ Home; Salam Balak; Society for the Education of the Crippled (SEC); Central Society for the Education of the Deaf (CSED); Happy Home; and School for the Blind as a Choreographer.

I’m currently the PRO at ‘Jiyo Parsi’, which does wonderful work towards helping our community. I’m also the a founder members of ZYNG (Zoroastrian Youth for the Next Generation) and have been a core committee member of FOZYA (Federation of Zoroastrian Youth Association) – these groups bring together the youth of the Parsi / Irani Zoroastrian community. Over the years I’ve also worked with children with special needs on several occasions and with JBCN International group of Schools as a Dance Instructor.

I believe my core competencies include being a dynamic, self-motivated and results-driven person with people management skills. I like creating innovative ideas, planning and executing events and CSR activities.

 PT: How did you conceive and launch the ‘Good Deeds Project’. What is it all about?

Pearl: ‘Good Deeds Project’ was a dream that I’ve nurtured for a while now – something different from the mainstream NGOs… Something that’s my own, yet an idea that can be replicated easily by anyone and everyone. Most people just need to be motivated and made aware of their surroundings, then the good deed flows naturally! It like a good song hummed by a friend which sticks with you for the rest of your day! You might just end up duplicating it.

Good Deeds Project is my way of giving back to society and maybe someday, the world, at large. I don’t just want my stories to be told, I want my audience to become aware of those wonderful people everywhere who take the time to do a good deed. Most stories I’ve shared are of simple people, who feel naturally compelled to help the less privileged. And we can all do our good deed just by simply encouraging them or contributing with our efforts, time or money.

PT: Could you tell us about some of the ventures that Good Deeds Project has undertaken? 

Pearl: These ‘stories’, as I call them, are about people who I’ve interacted personally with. I’ve been lucky to participate in most of these and make it my good deed! The stories range from Arif Khan on the Gujarat road selling artefacts to mask distributions; from Rukshin Vajifdar’s Feed Project to 2 boys feeding 400 strays on Pune roads; from going to a local school and giving books and stationery to Duttaram Fonde and his Santosh Institution for children with special needs. Most stories start out as simple intentions of wanting to help someone, immaterial of how much money your wallet holds.

One of the most touching stories was that of a little girl from a village school who didn’t speak English well. During one of our distribution drives, she walked up to me to convey her deep appreciation in a language she didn’t speak fluently. Her need to reach out to me made me feel a warmth I’ve never experienced before. I hugged her and expressed my feelings to her and encouraged her to study well and make her positive mark in the world.

PT: What or who is your source of encouragement in this initiative? Who has supported you along the way? Who is your biggest inspiration?

Pearl: My greatest encouragement comes from people who want to share their own personal good deeds stories. No matter how small the deed might feel to someone, it can impact the beneficiary tremendously. Real heroes are those who come forth and share their unique, innovative or personal way of doing their good deeds. By making others aware, they are passing on a beautiful tune or hum that someone else will carry and replicate. My family and friends are extremely supportive of my project. They accompany me and help me on my adventures. They are also my designated amateur photographers! My biggest inspiration is my father-in-law, Rustom Tirandaz, and my simple and humble parents – Mehroo and Marzban Sukhadia.

PT: Where do you envision the Good Deeds Project in the near future?

Pearl: I hope for the GDP to be on a national platform in a couple of years, with a much wider reach. I believe that the more the awareness, the greater the quantity and quality of good deeds.

PT: How could people contribute towards this cause or get in touch with you to volunteer their time towards ‘GDP with Pearl’? 

Pearl: You can start by following me on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Just #GDPwithPearl or #GoodDeedsProject or people could email me at GDPwithPearl@gmail.com

PT: GDP with Pearl also helps stray animals. Tell us about your recent feeding drive in Pune. 

Pearl: Pune boys – Yash Sathe and Pourush Irani – fed 400 stray animals on Valentine’s Day as a good deed! I have showcased over ten very uniquely different stories in past two months. As mentioned, Good Deeds Project is not just about helping people. It also encompasses the entire gamut of our society and environment. I will be doing more stories in the future which I hope, will include how our frontline environmental conversationalists, who work tirelessly to preserve and protect nature, and about how we could help this cause.

Team Parsi Times wishes all the lovely women a Happy Woman’s Day. May you all ignite the fire within to conquer and make your dreams come true!


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