Hyderabad’s Chenoy Agiary Colony Residents Welcome Navroz

The residents of Hyderabad’s Bai Maneckbai N. Chenoy Agiary Colony continued the tradition of celebrating the Spring Equinox with a contributory, common ‘Jamshedi Navroze’ Table Spread, at the Agiary hall, on 20th March, 2021. Ensuring the participation of all 36 families of the Agiary’s residential complex, each family contributed one item on the table.

All the colony residents assembled at the Agiary hall at 3:00 pm to welcome and celebrate the advent of Navroze (slated for 3:07.28 pm IST). Er. Mehernosh Bharucha, the high-priest of the Agiary shared a brief talk on the Navroze festival and showered benedictions on the congregation with a small prayer. The tiny tots of the colony sang the popular song, ‘I am proud to be a Zoroastrian’, followed by the rendition of Monajats by the lovely lady residents of the colony.

Er. Bharucha thanked Farida Antia for arranging the table and the informative posters highlighting the significance of Navroze.  He also thanked President – Mehernosh Chenoy and Trustees of the Agiary for hosting the refreshments; as also Russi Doctor – Hon. Secretary and Treasurer for making all the arrangements and Vispy Saher – the Agiary helper. Singing the Parsi anthem, ‘Chaiye Hame Zarthoshti’ marked the conclusion of the enjoyable evening celebrations, as community members dispersed after having refreshments and the traditional falooda.

[Courtesy: Kerfegar Antia]


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