Spring-Cleaning At Patel Dadgah And Sacred Well

Earlier this month, a band of selfless volunteers, including enthusiastic youngsters and senior citizens, smilingly toiled from 9:00 am till late evening, to provide spring-cleaning for Mumbai’s Seth Ardeshir Bhicajee Patel Dadgah and its sacred well, located at Salsette Parsi Colony, Andheri East. The comprehensive exercise included cleaning the main hall, the walls up to the ceiling, the grills of the exhaust chamber, as also the Kebla, where the dedicated Mobeds worked hard to get rid of the accumulated soot. Soon, even the metal bars on the windows were shining yet again!

Additionally, around 7 – 8 ladies from the colony took it upon themselves to clean the area on and around the well, which is close to the heart of the residents. This included clearing the dry leaves over the fish net on the well and along the periphery of the well, cleaning the jali, the diva-stand and the entire area around the well.

Here’s extending a big kudos and thanks to all who worked for this noble task. May Ahura Mazda and Ava Yazad continue to bestow their blessings on our glorious community and all it members!

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