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Veera is a published Author (‘Endured’ and ‘#LoveBitesLifeHacks’) and Columnist; a passionate Educator and Counsellor; Poet and Philosopher… but most of all, a lover of all things literary.

I really can’t say that I’ve met a single person in my lifetime who’s always had it easy. Life, for most, is not a piece of cake. We struggle, we despair, we learn, and we pick ourselves up from time to time. Life is mostly about feeling and experiencing. Through the smiles and through the tears, every lesson learnt is the free advice you’ve received. Mostly, life gently lands on you in a way that allows you to absorb, reflect and own it. Then, you have times where it rudely plonks squarely in your lap without invitation or a greeting, trespassing on your tranquillity and peace of mind, tempering with every aspect! Yes! Those are times when life certainly tips your balance upside down.

There’s no point in pretending that any of us has it all sorted out. You just have to step out in life a bit excited, a bit frightened in the anticipation of what it has to offer you. But come what may, life is beautiful and you learn to accept and embrace it with its unpredictability, like a fine electric anticipation, always alive and pricking under your skin – waiting, wanting to jolt out at odd moments in space and time.

Life Won’t Bend To Your Will: All life advice is about trying to impose rules, laws and methods onto the business of living. But life’s very essence is its chaotic and unpredictable nature! Like a petulant teenager, it doesn’t always react kindly to being told what to do. So, when it strews your path with thorns or roses, develop an attitude and approach that allows you to sink your teeth into this offering, ready to pursue any opportunity and scope, even when challenges and difficulties abide. Keeping afloat in a boat that has sprung a leak is certainly not easy, but life is sometimes more about acceptance than expectations. Happiness always remains a worthy goal – and what you get is not always what you want. Living life is about doing your best every day.

Don’t Wait For A Celebration: Life is not about ticking days and dates to celebrate occasions and milestones… those are few and in between. The happiest families and people are those who celebrate the simplest things – game nights, a stroll long after your bedtime, a gathering with friends, relishing your favourite roadside snack or simply seeing your dog with his new toy. Make every day count and the moments you live in it matter. Oh yes, some days test us, some days or moments will get your stomach knotted, but life’s short, so wear your party pants whenever you can and thank the good lord for sprinkling those genuinely joyous moments in your life!

Learn To Small Talk: Many find it disconcerting to talk to random strangers.  But banter’s good! Small talk’s great! Try it at the park, in the lift, at the car park or at the gym. Learn to recognise and value the regulars in your life… like that lady at the supermarket counter with that friendly face, or the one with that perky smile serving you coffee at your favourite cafe. Sometimes these small talks can be eye openers. You can learn a lot about life and people just by social connections. You’ll be surprised at the value and meaning it lends. It’s the people around you that paint your day. Never underestimate a show of interest in someone else. To share a laugh or a smile, a greeting or a shared exchange is pretty darned splendid. Lift someone’s spirit or be lifted by them. Life is lived better in conversation than silence.

Get Out More: Open spaces, open roads lead to adventures; unexpected and life altering. Travel away from your regular haunts, add new and unusual destinations to your travelogues! Make it all about the experience. Shrug off your comfort zone and seek the unknown. Dare yourself to walk and dust-off new roads. Dare yourself to see things you’ve never seen before! Unravel the gypsy in you – that relentless spirit that lives, not so much in the body but embraces the open to recreate the magic of those glorious sunsets and sleepy towns, long after they’ve faded from your vision! Those magical images live on in your mind’s eye long after the waters of the adventure have dried.

Change Your Perspective: Changing your perspective is about changing the way we perceive things. When we interact with others, seeing things from their perspective is a good step in forging relationships. Often, what we seek is what we tend to see. Instead of focusing on the negatives or flaws in a situation, try to view the world without judgment. Rather than diminishing things around, learn to live with a happy, positive frame of mind!

7Always Show Gratitude: A daily show of gratitude often showers blessings on you! Watch those miracles unfurl! Gratitude is your daily show of thanks for what you are surrounded with – those amazing folks, that successful career, your family, your talent… et al. It could also simply be about that rich cup of coffee at dawn or that shard of sunlight dancing through those glass panes… or that smile on your daughter’s face every time you walk into the room. Gratitude could be for that fresh batch of marmalade you just made or that sound of the toast finally popping out of the toaster! Gratitude could be a minute-to-minute silent show of thanks or that prayer at the end of the day for all the bounty received, shared and enjoyed. Gratitude is simply a perfect catalyst for all happiness! With an attitude of gratitude, live your best life yet!

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