Faith Healing

Faith healing is the knowledge of the interaction between the conscious and unconscious mind. A faith healer has this knowledge and heals without any real scientific understanding of the powers and forces involved. He may claim to have a special gift of healing, and the sick person’s blind belief in him may bring results. The Voodoo doctor in South Africa may heal by incantations or by touching the so-called relics or bones of saints or such, causing patients to believe in his method, process and powers. It’s just the strong mind (healer) influencing a weaker mind (patient)!

Any method which causes you to move from fear and worry to faith and expectancy, will heal. If you are sick but believe with all your heart that praying the Ardibehest Yasht Ni Nirang will heal you, then you’ll be healed! So, you become your own faith-healer based on the interaction between your conscious and unconscious mind!

To illustrate how blind faith works, I’ll tell you about a Swiss physician – Franz Anton Mesmer, who, in 1776, claimed many cures when he stroked patients with magnets. Later, he threw away the magnets and evolved the theory of animal-magnetism, which, he said, was a fluid pervading the entire Universe, but most active in human beings. He claimed that the magnetic fluid flowing from his body to the patient’s body, cured the patient. He went to Paris where physician Benjamin Franklin of the Academy of Science accused him of fraud. Mesmer was exiled and died in 1815. Mesmer would throw the patient into a hypnotic sleep and give powerful suggestions of perfect health. Later, his method became popular as mesmerism! Again, an example of a strong mind influencing a weaker mind.

The faith required in healing is a strong, powerful subjective faith which the subconscious mind imposes on your conscious mind. The creative law of the subconscious mind heals you, but you must believe and think totally of health, harmony and perfection. This operates through the one Universal mind and manifests as your healed body. Why? Because in the mind, there’s no concept of time or space, and your treatment of yourself or others is a conscious movement of thoughts filled with perfect health, well-being and harmony. These thoughts continue throughout your sleep-time period so give yourself auto-suggestions of health and happiness as you go to sleep.

But all this works only if you STOP talking about your ailments or giving them names because this magnifies your fear and the illness. Become a mental-surgeon – mentally remove ALL fear or thoughts of illness, and your sickness will soon be severed, just like the pruned dead branches of trees. When you constantly name your aches, pains and symptoms, you inhibit KINETIC-action i.e., the release of the healing power and energy of your sub-conscious mind. There’s only ONE universal principle operating through everything – the tree, grass, cat, dog, wind, earth, etc. because everything is alive. This principle operates through the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdom, as we are taught in Theosophy. However, man is consciously aware of this life-principle and he can direct it to himself and others for healing. The power is within you. You are carrying it inside you all your life, so why don’t you use it??

All religions of the world represent forms of belief, of faith and the law of life in belief itself. What do you believe about yourself, life and the universe? It is done unto you as you believe. The Universe is like a huge mirror. It reflects your thoughts, faith and belief as your life-circumstances. The thoughts (unmanifest) become your life (manifest) and this is why MANASHNI is the first Triumvirate of Zoroastrianism!

The source of ALL creation is Divinity, which is perfect, so why not put ourselves unto harmony with it to create love, joy, happiness, peace and carefreeness?? Why not make life’s journey more enjoyable with good health, energy, nice relationships, creativity, laughter and a sense of well-being! Fill your mind with everything positive and you would have already healed yourself!!

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