I Will Die Unto Sin, Ahura Mazda!

I have sinned against Thee, Ahura Mazda, in Thought and word and deed. I have denied Thee. Intolerant is the burden of my misdoings. I have been tempted to sin and inequities. I confess my sins to Thee, I acknowledge my sins. I humble myself before Thee. Kneeling at Thy feet, I repent. I prostrate myself before Thee to do due penance for my sins. I am fallen. Thou alone can raise me and take me by the hand.

As a penitent supplicant I come back to Thee. Forgive me for what I have done amiss. Absolve me from my sins. I approach Thee with contrite heart, for to none else can I go but Thee.

Sin is the disease of the soul. Sick has been my soul, for I have sinned. Thou art the only healer. In Thee is my hope. I commend myself into Thy hands. I resign myself to Thy mercy. Draw me nigh unto Thee.

When my sins are forgiven me, I will wash and cleanse myself from sins. I will not transgress Thy commands. I will not do anything that is not pleasing to Thee. I will never desire what transgresses right. I will ever desire what is right. I will swerve not from the commandments. I will not set them at nought. I will forsake them not, nor forget them. Dutifully will I keep them. I will make them the supreme rule of my life. Grant, in Thy mercy, remission of these my sins, Ahura Mazda!

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