Kudos To Jiyo Parsi’s Online Initiatives!

Fun ‘n’ Games with Tambola… and much more!

 The online efforts and initiatives taken, especially through the lockdown and the ongoing pandemic, by ‘Jiyo Parsi’ – a GoI undertaking, which supports our community’s efforts in arresting the declining Parsi population and aids in its increase – are commendable!

Recognizing the increasing need during these times to address the mental health concerns and wellbeing of all during isolation, Team Jiyo Parsi (JP) devised creative ideas to reach out to people across all communities and backgrounds. JP Counselors provided online counseling to countless distressed people with varied issues related to Covid stress during pregnancies, depression, household and work-related pressures. JP worked around the clock to provide comfort in difficult times.

To celebrate our community’s unique attributes and achievements and to highlight creative contributions to the general public, Team JP decided to provide entertainment with education through regular online meetings every Friday evening.  These ‘Friday Forums’ are extremely popular and have been a huge success gaining hundreds of followers converging online every Friday at 6:00 pm to hear the established guest speakers, on JP’s Facebook, YouTube and Zoom platforms.

The response to Online Tambola – the national game of the community – was as brilliant! Tambola sessions were decided upon during Team JP’s discussions with Team Adventure, as Team JP was keen to address the stress that senior citizens were facing during these months, isolated from family and friends. The first Tambola session held in Mumbai covered areas – Tardeo, Nanachowk, Napeansea road, Grant road, Haji Ali and the Parsi colonies located here – with nearly 250 people joining the WhatsApp group to play!

The evening’s favourites were kicked off by Pearl Tirandaz and Shamla Anand with a presentation about Jiyo Parsi. After exciting games, the evening ended with everyone being delighted and regaled, and 12 winners received the prize of a cake delivered to their homes. Proving to be a resounding success, the Tambola team also conducted its online session in Ahmedabad, in association with PYLA (Parsi Youth League of Ahmedabad), where over 150 excited players joined Team JP for another enjoyable evening. Winners received crockery and household items as gifts.

Back to Mumbai, the Tambola Team now regaled community members from Andheri to Goregaon, including Panthaky Baug, Cama Park, Dhunbaiwadi, Salsette, Malcolm Baug, Behram Baug, Bharucha Baug and Nirlon. Yet another recent Tambola evening in Surat again had over 150 people joining in, with the help of the Surat Parsi Panchayat’s Trustee Yazdi Karanjia and Maharukh Chichgar, who provided a blast of an evening!

As many community members express gratitude for such excellent entertainment, Team JP renews its commitment to positively impacting people’s lives and mindsets. In the words of Team JP, “We wish to keep up the trend of being a beacon of hope and support through this year and the next as well. The Tambola events have proven that a community that plays together stays together!

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